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2012 in South Korea kicks off with high-tech opening ceremony

1. The Yeosu Expo kicked off spectacular high-tech opening ceremony.

2. Organisers hope for about 10 million visitors, including up 500,000

3. The “Big-O”, a 48-metre-tall (158-foot-tall) round steel structure

4. Colourful hologram images and light shows are projected on a giant

5. The international pavilion features a 218-metre-long LED screen

6. Yeosu, with a scenic coastline and hundreds of nearby islands

7. National flags of the countries participating in the expo are shown

8. A ghostly figure appears on the Big O

9. An image is projected onto the Big O

10. An image of swimming whale is projected onto the Big O

11. South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak speaks

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