Heart Touching Magical Snowy Landscapes…

It does not matter whether you live in the other side of the world where snow never falls, or are you one of those who love and see it almost every day – agree, snowy landscapes are fascinating. Winter all around as if asleep, nature take rest and gain strength before spring: animals hibernate, and long nights create the impression that came in the eternal darkness. Air Snow White, a  great “scenery”, and  reflected from it sunlight or shade of tall trees create a great show of nature. Now Select the frame with the camera in the snow forest and you will return with great images and excellent mood. And while you ponder this tantalizing idea, we invite you to enjoy the magical snowy landscape. Continue reading

Creative Interesting Love Story (1)

Creative Interesting Love Story

The idea of photographed lying on a flat monochromatic surface (eg, asphalt) is not new. We have seen similar pictures in the different versions. But there’s something so creative that I want to look at these pictures again and again. Well, when these pictures are devoted to the lightest sense of the world – love – they are doubly interesting. Have a look… Continue reading

Original ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Interior…

To decorate the Christmas tree room or holiday table. there is no need to go into the woods or shop. It is quite possible, but it can or must be done by own hand to make it more special and it is also good for the environment, you can still unleash the imagination and surprise your friends. here is the help guide for you…. Continue reading