Incredible Three-Dimensional Street Art of Kurt Wenner

Over the years, street art became very wide and people love, and Different images and interactive illusions on the streets are now became a big part of art world. Street artist Kurt Wehner knows this kind of art very well, I have already given you lots his amazing unique work to check out in previous post.His amazing 3D drawings have stole lots of people heart all around the world, His paintings are the most diverse subject, they all share one goal – to invite the audience to participate in an event. Have a look… Continue reading

Creepy and Scary Santa Claus From Past – Photography

In the past,children not only loved santa claus, but were afraid, because he seemed to present more severe.Check out the horrific photographs of the XIX-XX centuries., Which depicts the terrifying silhouettes.Fear of Santa Claus from past. Looking at these old photos of ominous, it becomes clear, why It is difficult to imagine the reaction of today’s children…. Continue reading

6 Delicious Breakfast Recipes Will Not Take Your Much Time... (7)

6 Delicious Breakfast Recipes Will Not Take Your Much Time…

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, so it’s very important to have a filling meal before you get into the grind of the day. Usually, breakfast should be elaborate and the heaviest meal, but considering the fast paced lives of people, it’s now becoming a neglected agenda. However, a few smart moves and quick-fix recipes can help you stay full, without spending a decade inside your kitchen. These recipes will just take 5-6 minutes to make. Continue reading