6 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid. (1)

6 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid.

If you’ve recently been promoted, congratulations. It’s an honor to receive a promotion that puts you in a leadership role. But be wary: You carry a great deal of responsibility that can easily be taken away should you not live up to expectations. Not to set off alarm bells, but of people who have been promoted, a full 40 percent of them will fail within their first 18 months on the job. Most of the failure stems from a few key leadership mistakes that The Forum Corp.’s President and CEO Andrew Graham outlines: Continue reading

10,000 Roses - Life and Death (1)

10,000 Beautiful Roses – Life and Death

Using a variety of materials, including trees, flowers, candles, sand and ice, a London artist Anya Gallachchio create works of art dedicated to the ephemeral nature. Here is her project “Red on Green” its a marvelous “shop window” of 10 000 fresh roses that spread in the gallery …
But all earthly beauty is ephemeral, and what happened with red roses after a while – predictably … Continue reading

Dog Against Mantis (1)

Dog Against Mantis

The real tragedy was played out in front of passers-by in the park on one fine day. Little red dog met unusual rival in the brave soothsayer. Of course, the outcome of the battle was predictable, as its winner. But we must pay tribute to the praying mantis – he fought like a hero. He died with honor. The last photo dog even decided to honor the memory of the opponent and pretend that she too had fallen in battle. Continue reading

Drawings on the Fridge – Charlie Layton

Charlie Layton – a freelance designer and illustrator from Philadelphia, USA. Each week, he draws something on his refrigerator easily by a erasable marker.  Charlie every week puts His creations on Facebook under the name “Frosty Friday”. On the creation of each of these “marker masterpieces” Charlie takes about 20-30 minutes, and it usually ends with a cup of coffee Friday morning. That’s right, dear, magnets on the refrigerator no longer in vogue. Marker drawings is the trend of the season! Have a look… Continue reading