Unusual Unique Animals In The Supermarket – Save Animals…

Does it happens? you come to the department of meat products in the store, and u see a Tiger!  Quietly, looking at the same package of chicken,what you need. Do not believe it? right??? In reality it probably does not happen. But photographer Agan Harahap recreated similar situations in his new photo project “Fresh garden.” This is a series of images in which different wild animals like walking into the supermarket, like choosing to buy a lint.

Just a message – Save Animals…

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Clever Street Art Will Make You Think….

Recently, street art has become an art form. It evolved. Every month, around the world there are more and more sophisticated and interesting pictures on the streets. Today we offer you to look at the really clever street art that is not only pleasant to eye, but also makes you think, or at least nod approvingly. All these pictures are distinguished by their unique and smart approach of artists who created them. Continue reading