12 Creative Family Portraits.. (10)

12 Creative Family Portraits..

In the west there a very popular tradition came up to take group family photos and send them as Christmas cards. Even now, when the New Year holidays make traditional gathering of whole family together…

We present you a few ideas for inspiration. You can just lay one on another palm family members, and can used as props in a small chalk slate. We really liked the picture cheerful mother with six children in the Zadran up of colorful rubber boots. And what about you?

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20 Most Beautiful Roads Around The World…

Just imagine, you are in a luxury car, accompanied by a loved one, and all around you – the most beautiful views. Cool it would be to drop everything and take only the most important and go on a real road trip, when the wind is in your hair, and lie miles  ahead. This post is dedicated to all the romantic road or simply for those who love beautiful road. Continue reading