Incredible Masterpieces of Ice Sculpture (1)

Incredible Masterpieces of Ice Sculpture

With the arrival of cold weather in different cities and towns master of ice figures create the intricate design of the ice blocks. In the case goes as artificial ice, and natural ice blocks. Sculptures are obtained and very simple, and very complicated, because there is no limit of imagination of this artist. we offer you a selection where you will find a dozen of these ice masterpieces from various countries. Continue reading

Biggest Gun Of The World??? (1)

Biggest Gun Of The World???

A native Polish village of Petrovo, A person named Ryszard Tobys produced the world’s largest gun, using as a template design Remington 1859. Weapons made of carbon steel and bronze trigger guard – from brass. Revolver giant weighs 45 kg, reaching a length of 126 cm As recognized by the Polish master, it is not practical to use the product, because to make the shot a distance of 100 meters must be installed on the gun with a solid footing.
A copy of the Remington 1859 by Ryszard Tobysa entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Continue reading