Tough Guy Challenge 2013 (1)

Pictures From Tough Guy Challenge 2013

It’s billed as the toughest race in the world, and it’s not hard to see why when competitors face being burnt, scratched, bruised and even electrocuted.
But thousands of people today took to the eight-mile assault course, through water obstacles and mud, as they competed in the annual Tough Guy challenge.
Competitors are expected to haul their exhausted bodies through thick mud, under yards of barbed wire and over huge wooden barricades before hurdling walls of fire and plunging into a freezing lake. Continue reading

Surfer Catches World's Biggest Wave... (1)

Surfer Catches World’s Biggest Wave…

This thrill-seeking surfer was but a speck on this enormous wall of water as he appeared to set a new world record for the biggest wave ever ridden.
Surfing legend Garrett McNamara caught the towering wave – believed to have measured around 100ft – off the coast of Nazare, in Portugal.
If the claims are verified the U.S. born athlete will have beaten his own record, which was also set at Nazare, when he successfully rode a 78ft high break at the end of 2011. Continue reading

Drawings That Look Like Digital Photographs ? (6)

Strange Drawings That Look Like Digital Photographs ?

Stare closely at the pictures on this page. What do you think it took to create these beautiful images of Amy Winehouse, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and Rihanna? An expensive camera, a precision lens, hours of trial and error from a skilled photographer?
Well, the answer is none of the above.
All of these extraordinarily detailed pictures are pencil drawings, created purely by hand — with no digital trickery — by British artist Kelvin Okafor, whose only tools are a set of pencils, a piece of paper and the occasional stick of charcoal (though most of the pictures don’t even require that). Yet no matter how closely one looks, there’s not a pencil line in sight. Continue reading