21 Shocking Facts about China

Many of us know little about the home country, so no wonder that these facts about China seem shocking, if not, then a minimum of awesome. Experts called geopolitics China “Sleeping Dragon” because of its rapidly growing economy and the ever increasing influence in the world. Yet that we know about the Chinese? A here know …

1. In Military to keep head straight and high, they stick collar needles.


2. Military Police teaches his people raise their hands during the march until certain height, using the wire tied to the poles.


3. In China, about 100 million people live on an amount equal to 1 US dollar a day.


4. ketchup emerged in China as fish sauce called ke-tsiap.


5. In the “McDonald’s” Chinese people do not take food with them, bought the car – they are entered in himself food restaurant and eat it there.


6 Although the official China – nonreligious country, it is home to more than 54 million Christians.


7. In China executed 4 times more inmates than any other country.


8. Attention foodies! B Dunyane (this town so) true delicacies are eggs cooked in the urine of boys that are virgins.


9. Google in partnership with the world’s biggest record labels allows the Chinese to download music for free.


10 police China increasingly utilizes geese in place cops dogs due and great aggression of these birds.


11. Each year, China recorded almost a million abortions if a girl to be born, as well as tens of thousands of baby girls drop out – and all because of the one-child policy.


12. 30 million people in China live in cave houses called yaodun.This greater than population of Australia.


China 13. so much poison the atmosphere emissions that polluted the air in China reaches of San Francisco across the Pacific than one third increases the level of contamination of the American city.


14. Some Chinese food companies have been convicted in that tofu made from household waste and marinated goat meat in the urine.


15. Women in China can pay of $ 700 per surgery to restore the hymen to pass for a virgin.


16. Breathing air in Beijing – the same as smoking 21 cigarettes a day.


17. 1973, China suggested 10,000,000 bring Chinese Women in US that assist liquidate Demographic crisis.


18. a PlayStation Chinese illegal.


19 Every year in China eat 4000000 cats.


Shanghai 20. has been set record for longest traffic jam – her length of 99 km, and the duration – 12 days.

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