22 ways to turn an empty bottle to creative arts

Well, who among us does not like to drink? Well, at least, if not love, it is necessary from time to time.Sometimes after a cheerful get-togethers with friends or family celebrations remains a lot of bottles of wine or other “entertainment” beverages.

The first thing that comes to mind – to throw in the trash. But do not rush! You’d be surprised, but the empty bottles of the same wine can do far more good than you think. Take a look at this idea of ​​using empty bottles in the economy – perhaps you will discover a lot of useful things and be able to create their own hands one of these practical works of art.



1. Lake.
Put on the neck of the bottle one of these special terracotta stuff – and voila! Your plants will be watered themselves.


2. Bookshelf.
Solid board + bottle = book house with his own hands.



3. Candlesticks.
The long neck of the bottle will not let the candle go out, and the glass windshield.



4. Torches.
Fill these unique torches and citronella oil do not let mosquitoes invade your possessions.



5. Suspended bed.
Feeling as if it grew out of the bottle plant, and not vice versa.



6. Terrarium.
Transparent bottles or colored glass ideal for growing your own tiny garden.



7. Decorative wall in the garden.
Make a little color and color to your garden at the same time maintaining personal space. This idea will work and at home.



8. hummingbird feeders.
The tiny pollinators will love this stunning and environmentally friendly bird feeder.



9. loungers.
It looks cool, but is it right?



10. Music of the wind.
This unique wine bottle cork sticks ready to face the wind.



11. Chandelier.
Luxurious detail that is suitable even for interior ballroom.



12. Hanger for hats.
The idea presented by Lucirmás in Milan. Part art, but at the same time, and a good thing.


13. Necklace.
Made by hand in the USA. Such necklace can be made ​​to your own color taste.



14. Glassware.
Wine bottles most durable due to annealing, which means that they are ideal for the manufacture of glassware.



15. The LED lamp.
Looking for a unique lamp at an affordable price? Simply insert the plug with LED in a wine bottle and voila!



16. Serving Dishes.
Affordable way to serve appetizers at your next party.



17. Bottle tree.
You do not like to mess with herbs? No problem. All you need to grow a tree – is a taste for exquisite wine.



18. Hanger.
This miracle was created by Daniela Cruz.



19. Pots and pans.
These unique kitchen accessories are part of a collection called “cold cuts” French designer Laurence Brabant.



20. Watch.
Which there for an hour? Time to drink wine!



21. Soap dispenser.
Just add the sprayer and forget about the ugly plastic dispensers forever.



22. For the storage of spices and cereals.
Forget about plastic containers. Use wine bottles to your cereals and spices have always been beautiful.

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