25 Useful Tools necessary for all Young Parents

Being a parent is not easy, and the parent of a newborn is doubly difficult. Need to learn a lot more on his mind, even more in time, and little hands. Therefore, young parents need assistants who will greatly facilitate life. We offer an overview of useful items, without which it would be difficult for parents.

1. Mattress Bath



Blooming Baby Bather – totally unconventional way of bathing the baby. The sink is transformed into a cozy soft bed, not fearful of water.

2. Silicone bottle with spoon


Silicone bottle with spoon will need those to whom it is time to introduce solid foods.

3. Hammock for the child during the flight


On the plane, useful original seat for the baby as a hammock. And the child well, and my mother comfortable.

4. Travel Cot


If a family travels a lot, then surely the question arises where a child can sleep on the way. Belgian manufacturer suggested for this bag bed.

5. Bag for carriage


On the walk you need to bring a lot of junk, not to drag a bag in his hand, offer a closer look at the original model, which is attached to the handles of the stroller.

6. Children bidet


Teach a child to the toilet will be much easier with a simple device.

7. feeding bottle


Feeding bottle is attached to the car seat and the child is now full, and my mother is calm for ulёm.

8. bottle for your medication


This is definitely a hoax, but what can you do if you need to take the medicine, and the child does not want to even see.Therefore nasty potion hidden in a pretty glass with surprise. Here’s just a matter of whether a child will be caught this trick a second time.

9. Reminder for bra


Barely given birth mother is so tired and shook that not even remember her name. And from what she breast-fed baby last time and even more so. To avoid problems, you need a reminder that attaches to the bra.

10. Personal uzi


If there is a desire to constantly watch your baby while he is still in the stomach, you need to buy a personal ultrasound machine that is connected to the smartphone.

11. Armchair with support


All sorts of shapes and colors, the main thing that your child comfortable, and he will not upolzёt.

12. Pad bathing


Original mat is suitable for swimming for several reasons. Firstly, there is stored everything you need for water treatment, and secondly, my mother does not hurt your knees from standing on hard surfaces.

13. Self-closing Dummy


It’s okay if your child a pacifier dropped to the floor. During the fall, it will close itself.

14. Cover for car seat


In the heat of the car interior is transformed into steam room and heated seat to the limit. To avoid this poizoshlo need to cover that maintains a constant temperature.

15. diapers cocoon


“Woombie” – a simple and secure way to swaddle baby, do not need any diapers.

16. Bike with sidecar


The cool thing for active moms. Can be everywhere in time, and the child will always be supervised.

17. Baby Monitor


Now the iPhone can be used to monitor the baby.

18. The separator for a bath


When bathing baby in the bathtub separator will be useful for several reasons. First of all, there is no need to buy a baby bath and mess around with it, and secondly, saves water, because they do not need to type a full bath water.

19. Kengurushka for two

Hot Kengurushka and help mom and baby warm on cool days.

20. Extensions for body


Mom did not have time to look around, have become small for the body of the child. Not to buy new, you can get extensions that will extend the life of all child odyozhki.

21. Remote control


The child needs to feel independent, even in the choice of television programs. Only hand he should be given a special remote programmed to seven possible children’s channels.

22. Dummy Thermometer


This is the easiest way to measure the temperature of a child.

23. The envelope-blanket for car seats


Special blanket in which to wrap can be strapped into a car seat child

24. Extra-bed


Extra-bed of Culla Belly help mom sleep peacefully, and when the child is at arm’s length, and you can not worry about his safety.

25. Adapter for bottles


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