25 Best Videos of the Day – February 03, 2015

Orchestra in Prague smashes out ‘Ghostbusters’; conductor has the time of his life

Anti-Vaccine Doctor: I Don’t Care If My Kids Make Others Gravely Sick

Nazi Wildebeest

Tropes vs Women Refund

Dream Phone

Bobby McFerrin makes a crowd sing Ave Maria. Absolutely Astonishing.

Large group of Seahawk fans screaming “Beast Mode! Beast Mode!” when Seattle was at the 1 yard line…and then the interception happens.[X-post /r/nfl]

Russians try to win a cat in an arcade claw machine


Elon Musk explaining why Hydrogen fuel cells are a dumb idea

Plastic Bottle Mouse Trap


Ass Prank

Boxer challenges his old teacher to a fight..

RIP Monty Oum, creator of Haloid, Dead Fantasy, and RWBY. This is Haloid.

OH Come on? You think the Nationwide Insurance was bad? Does no one remember this Canada PSA?

He may be British but the point applies in the U.S. as well.

Guy on the voice sings like the reincarnation of Bob Marley

Do not stand directly behind glass windows when viewing massive explosions.

The face of a guilty dog…

Monty Oum Passes Away at 33

Maybe we oughta give the ball to Beastmode now

Weight Watchers Super Bowl ad narrated by Aaron Paul


Kid falls in puddle and walks it off.

16 bit Simpsons – I’m geeking out pretty hard here.

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo cries like this?

Magic dogs

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