25 Best Videos of the Day – February 05, 2015

TransAsia plane crashed in Taiwan. The clearest and closest version.

How green screen worked before computers

The Onion is back at it again with How To Channel Your Road Rage Into Cold, Calculating Road Revenge

My friends made a zero-budget commercial. What do you think?

public defender arrested for defending client.

Rocket launcher

People get sucked into a storm drain while trying to unblock it, and come out to other side

‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ Teaser Trailer

So has anyone else noticed where Katy Perry’s Dark Horse intro came from?

Scumbag Ferrari causes car crash

My Jazz band covered “Daft Punk feat Pharrell, Get Lucky!” in a vintage swing style! We hope you like it!

Cat trying to dig out front door after massive snow storm.

Jimmy Kimmel Asks – Do You Have a Black Friend?

My girlfriend didn’t want presents for her birthday so I made her a horror film trailer about her trying to decide what she wants for dinner [1:55]

Incredible up-close view of orca whales rubbing themselves on a shallow pebble beach

These commercials man..

Crazy woman attacks a kid for flying his drone.

This book cover won’t open for judgmental readers

We Go Forward

Train plows through massive snow bank in Canada

South Park’s treatment for ADHD

Ronald McDonald MURDERS HowToBasic


Penn & Teller’s Bullshit – Vaccinations

TransAsia Plane Crash-landing in River Caught on Dashcam (Feb 04, 2015)

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