25 Best Videos of the Day – February 09, 2015

This is why you should never fry gnocchi.

Severus Snape’s most important scenes and arcs in the Harry Potter film series in chronological order, from meeting Lily to his memory living on in a name

Near death airplane collision with skydiver in free fall

Why A4 is better than US Letter

Fucking Donut Spotted

Who Will Remember Us?

Driving 180km/h in a city. Oh wait…

Bikies are becoming a major issue here in Australia

Norm MacDonald on the Daily Show, two days after Steve Irwin’s non-ironic death

Wife said the new Trojans ad looks like a Mentos commercial. Mashed them up and – holy crap – she’s right.

I thought there was no way this was real, but you can actually buy it on Amazon.

Very soon you could have a sunny sky wherever and whenever you want.

What’s going on in Russia right now?

You’ll call now

Russian stunt-kid sets himself on fire and jumps of a 9-storey building into a snowpile. Then gets arrested.

Did Hackers Just Hack the NHL Teleprompter?

Probably the best dating montage that has ever existed. [4:23]

The World’s Sharpest Knife™ Review

Guy sings Smash Mouths ‘All Star’ to the tune of John Lennon’s Imagine at a karaoke bar


Louis C.K. – Shitty Friends


Fresh Prince of Bel Air Intro – Italian version

McDonald’s Employee freaks out in St. Paul, MN

THIS is how rock concerts all around the world should be (Argentine Crowd)

The Biggest Douchebag In All Of Russia?

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