25 Best Videos of the Day – February 10, 2015

The One Ring Explained. (Lord of the Rings Mythology Part 2)

The best negotiation ever.

Japan Air line’s CEO earns less than his pilots and lines up in cafeteria like all the other employees

White guys in all black bar destroy R.Kelly Karaoke

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors (HBO)

The Train Chase scene from Wallace and Gromit in ‘The Wrong Trousers’. One of my most favourite and impressive feats of stop-motion animation.

Huge School of Squid Trapped In A Tidal Pool

Boston Dynamics 4 Legged Spot Robot


Jim Carrey exposing awards shows for what they really are. Warning: Potato quality.

Comedian Vic DiBitetto rants about Kanye West at The Grammys

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Goodbye, RadioShack (HBO)

Do You Know Anything About Techno?

So, how is all that smoking and drinking working out for you?

Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date [2:00]

An Astronaut’s View of Earth with Col. Chris Hadfield

Dire Straits Sultans Of Swing Isolated Guitar Track


How handmade hard candy with unique designs is made. Working with melted sugar like this is facsinating to watch

This “Jurassic Park – New World” Parody trailer is hilarious

One thing led to another… (Brian Regan) [0:31]

Elijah Wood’s last day on the Lord of The Rings set.

Chinese manufacturer determined to not get replaced by a machine


“Stop a Douchebag” The Magic Stickers — Ep. 15

Arguably the funniest thing Pixar has done – Presto.


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