25 Best Videos of the Day – February 12, 2015

Worst display of anything. Ever.

A NEW microwave invention


If Eric Cartman grew up in Alabama

Steven Yeun & Conan Visit A Korean Spa

Most unhelpful interview ever.

Weird Al Yankovic GRAMMY speech. Just look how empty the theater is.

Life of robot-dog is very sad and full of pain…

New Zealand Meteor Mid-Air Explosion Caught on Dash Cam

In light on Malcolm X’s Daughter response of the N-Word, Here is Charlamagne’s opinion of it.

When a father trolls

Motorcyclist Startles Driver For Running Red Light

Gimball: A flying insect like drone that bounces off obstacles and keeps on going.

The classic ‘I wrote this song in ’94’ Tupac Shakur sketch on the Chappelle Show

Gas station manager said this happens when the reservoirs are low??

NBA referee Joey Crawford is notorious for being a hothead and getting angry quickly. Here’s a video of the Rockets and Lakers messing with him

My buddy’s gift to his pop. So many feels.

This Star Wars vs. Star Trek fan trailer is surprisingly good.


parenting at its finest

Monty Python, the “Cheese Shop Sketch”

My big old grumpy dog puts up with a LOT of shit from the new puppy.

Dashcam footage of Kramatorsk being shelled on 2015.02.10

Guy jokingly plays first chords of ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ crowd takes it for the entire song.

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