25 WTF Moments of February 21, 2015

In Florida, when the temperatures fall, so do the Iguanas. He survived!

Falling Iguanas

So I decided to buy a speaker for my shower, decided to read the manual first, and found this :

Speaker for my shower

Girls can be gross sometimes…

Girls can be gross

You should only serve the best food for your guests. A delicious layered Bologna cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing.

Bologna cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing

Yes I’d like contacts and my penis cut, please.

Contacts and Circumcision

Only in ‘Murica!

Only in 'Murica!

Vacuum will suck your butt into shape

Suck your butt into shape

An old lady’s horse.

Living Room Horse

Threw myself to cover a slap shot in a hockey game last year… I caught the puck with my thigh and it kind of hurt but kept playing. Here’s the following two weeks of a small bruise growing into…yeah. To this day I still have a lump in my leg from the shot.

Growing bruise

My fingernail..

Black Fingernail

It’s not the first I’ve seen in town

Rubbish Car

Queen Nonyerem Okafor, Hairiest girl in Nigeria

Nonyerem Okafor - Hairiest girl in Nigeria

Common sense escapes even the best of us, No Skiing with baby on back!

No Skiing with baby on back

Found On kitchen ceiling. Wtf is this?

Wtf is this?

Tyrannocthulhusaurus Rex

Tyrannocthulhusaurus Rex

Boil? Worm? MRSA? Cordyceps? This thing was in my cheek for over a week.

Boil? Worm? MRSA? Cordyceps?

She left her babies in the car

She left her babies in the car

Good thing he remembered his hat.

Remembered his hat

Well my verbal reaction definitely included the word ‘God’

God Jeep

On his way to Mordor

On his way to Mordor

No thanks Japan, I think I’ll pass..

No thanks Japan, I think I'll pass..

It’s story time, should help you sleep!

Scary Story Book

I HOP’s new 24 hour drive-thru

	I HOP's new 24 hour drive-thru

Justin Bieber lava lamp; speaks for itself!

Justin Bieber lava lamp

A horse stuck in a tractor tire.

Horse stuck in a tire