30 Best Art Pictures of the Week – June 07th to June 14th, 2012

1. ‘Curiosity.’ Spent about 40-50 hours on this one, hope you guys like it!

2. My newest 3D chalk drawing

3. Dads Birthday Portrait

4. My Painting will put a smile on your face

 5. I love this piece. Does anyone have any information on the artist?

6. Watercolor Jackalope. Critique Welcome

7. I felt like a rat scrounging for pennies… So I decided to draw it.

8. The Mexican-American Gothic by Santiago Forero

9. An illustration I did inspired by a Robert Frost poem.

10. Show Me The Monet – Banksy’s take on Claude Monet’s classic Water Lilies.

11. The Pain of Cluster Headache

12. Gramophoctopus (Sharpie Pen)

13. this is my first drawing in 14 years [fixed]

14. Just finished this MGMT poster

15. I’ve been drawing ever since I was little, my dad tells me to draw “pretty” things but I prefer ugly. What do you guys think?

16. I attempted a Macy’s Parade painting for a commission. Trying to branch out from my comfort zone. Does Reddit like it? That’s the test.

17. My painting is showing in a local art gallery and is selling for 250$.

18. First self portrait I made using charcoal.

19. Not a peep.

20. The drawing I made that got me accepted into a college art program

21. Untitled; ink and watercolors.

22. I’m a street photographer. This one is called “Shelter”—if you like it, I can upload more. Critiques welcome.

23. Not sure if everyone would consider this art. Done entirely by hand (Newspaper Dress)

24. Corner of Seigel and Bogart – Pen on paper.

25. Esao Andrews – “Nowhere”

26. Playing with the brush pen my sister picked up for me while studying abroad in Japan. Different brush control than a pocket brush. Pretty rad result!

27. Homework assignment from my art 202 class

28. Going through my old art looking for crap to throw away… I did this in 02

29. I painted a boy eating pokemon for my school project

30. Flying is relative……. acrylic on canvas