30 Best Art Pictures of the Week – June 07th to June 14th, 2012

30 Best Art Pictures of the Week – June 07th to June 14th, 2012

1. 14yo friend of mine’s painting – it sold for $400!

2. I have tried to paint a bit differently here, would love to hear feedback.

3. Trying to get back into drawing: Bloody hands

4. Picked these up at an art show. I was the only one looking at his exhibit.

5. A gift for a friend who has “pectus excavatum”…

6. Gentleman Robot

7. Part of my watercolor study

8. Loch Brittle by Scott Naismith

9. Sketchbook excerpts

10. I present my jellyfish!!

11. Color Pencil Drawing: Bob Marley

12. My submission for a local artists zine.

13. Something I drew with black marker. What do you think?

14. I love reddit. I climbed up on the roof of my studio tonight and painted this.

15. I don’t consider myself much of an artist, but I do draw. Here’s the latest one that I’ve made for a customer.

16. Passing the time at a shitty job

17. My cousin paints amazing portraits of her son. Here’s her latest piece!

18. I skated this amazing art structure skatepark in Dubai, its shape forms an Arabic word!

19. We Dreamt Your Dreams ~ A surreal scratchboard by Micah Dunlap

20. A friend asked me to paint on his bag for him.

21. My favorite painting that I did this year

22. This was my art final my Junior year of high school. Ink and watercolor.

23. An abstract drawing i made with black marker. What does everybody think? Constructive criticism please.

24. So sick and tired. Geisha-ish painting.

25. Mixed media piece I made for AP 2D, using dead bees.

26. Chain Link Fence + Multi-Colored Glass = Ephemeral Light Art

27. Here is some of my art!

28. One of the most popular graffitti pieces on Roskilde Festival last year… (not mine)

29. Here’s a pencil sketch I drew for an art group monthly challenge – the subject was ‘reflection’ – what do you think of it?

30. Just finished a self portrait


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