30 Best Tattoos of the Week – April 16th to April 23rd, 2012

1. Owl


2. I finished off a Big Black Cock today 

3. My Japanese shoulder piece (Dragon) – Finished yesterday! By Chris Crooks at White Dragon Tattoo, Belfast, Northern Ireland

4. Phylogenetic Tree Tattoo

5. My Mechanical Wings

6. My arm done 

7. Travis Lampe illustration now a permanent part of my happy forearm.

8. First ever tattoo by Zach Nelligan at Triple Crown, Austin, Texas

9. Jerk cat 

10. My most recent work. By Royal 1 in Fort Worth, Tx.

11. First tattoo finished. Tigers head done by Justin Acca from devils ink tattoo, Melbourne.

12. My Alex Grey piece all healed up. Done by Jeremiah Barba @ Outer Limits, Long Beach CA

13. My fabulous elephant. Thinking of adding the earth beneath it in a similar style.

14. First sitting for my Dark Tower piece. Done by Dan at White Lotus in Toms River, NJ

15. My Crooked Vulture by Sonny Mitchell of Black Lotus, Liverpool.

16. Bday present to self: Typewriter 

17. Finally Finished! By Matt Duffenbach at Studio City Tattoo, CA

18. Bodhisattva Kanon – I want to tattoo this for charity 

19. First Session of my lower sleeve 

20. Dark Tree. 

21. My tree of life. First large tattoo.

22. Forever on my Heart

23. Made by Christof Giebe from kaiserslautern Germany

24. Spider Mum Tattoo by Ben Reigle and Marvin Silva

25. Jack and Sally 

26. Tiger head on Calf. Frank Carter, Frith Street Tattoo, London, UK

27. (color!) Pheasant by Paco Cendon, Electric 13 Tattoo, Austin, TX

28. Yggdrasil from Norse mythology. By Tim Lehi at Blackheart in San Francisco.

29. Toronto Skyline – Fab Stella @ Twistedstarr Tattoos, Toronto, ON

30. Girl with A dragon tattoo – Fab Stella