30 Best Tattoos of the Week – Feb 20 to Feb 27, 2012

1. My gates of Moria

2. The White Panda got a new tattoo.

3. Wearing heart on the sleeve takes on new meaning

4. Me on the left, Grandpa on the right.

5. My Roy Lichtenstein tribute!

6. The accident was 3 years ago and I finally found something that fits.

 7. Found this in a local artists portfolio. I can’t get it (ear isn’t shaped for it), but I figured it might inspire some ideas.

 8. T-rex tattoo

 9. Running wild on you, brother!! 

 10. Gf’s owl chest piece.

11. Tattoos with this much style inspire meTattoos with this much style inspire me

12. Something to reflect my time in the Navy – a pinup with a modern twist.

 13.Tattoo is fu*king radical

 14. Eiffel Tower on Leg

 15. Kaitlyns’ Futurama Sleeve

 16. Cool rose-through-the-neck piece

 17. Phoenix sleeve

 18.Turtle waking on leg

 19. How Strange it to be anything at all

 20. Fresh Dali Piece

 21. Healed Green Lantern and Batman quarter sleeves

22. Her name is Liza. 

23. “Harden the Fu*k Up” 

24. Owl tattoo on back

25. Half na*ed chick with half na*ed chick tattoo.

26. Cutie pie

 27. My Valkyrie

 28. A Dracoliche

 29. Absolute Art.

 30. Fire Dragon