30 Best Tattoos of the Week – June 11th to June 18th, 2012

30 Best Tattoos of the Week – June 11th to June 18th, 2012

1. White ink sleeve by Watson Atkinson in Portland, ME

2. I want a tattoo with tattoos all over it.

3. added some leaves to my tree tattoo. Done by Pau at Global, Spain.

4. A classy looking chap, wouldn’t you agree?

5. Just came across this photo and loved it immediately. By Andy Engel

6. First tattoo! What do you guys think? Done by Kevin at Truth & Triumph in Dayton, OH

7. First Tattoo. Atlas holding up the heavens.

8. Finally finished my favorite childhood story from the book “Which Witch?”

9. skeleton with headdress, full shin piece by scott spencer at the inkery, austin tx

10. Victor Portugal, Poland – Sleeve

11. Watership down sleeve, fourth sitting, managed to get quite a bit done today!

12. Space half-sleeve 2nd sitting. Done by Ben at Motor City in Oshawa, ON.


13. Would his left arm still look that good in the future?

14. Traditional Leg by Dustin Forbes (Taipei)

15. My first tattoo, done a couple of months ago by Sonny of Black Lotus (black and grey)

16. My fifth tattoo, and my most beautiful one yet. By solo artist Anthony Pagano in Park City, UT

17. First Tattoo – Owl On Stomach by Naomi Smith at The Tattooed Heart, Auckland, New Zealand.

18. I posted my tattoo to pics a while back, Im surprised they didn’t like it. What do you guys think?

19. My new moth and dagger. Done by Beatdown at Chicago Tattoo Company.

20. My Spiderman Tattoo by Dan Champagne – Atomic Tattoos, Orlando

21. Classic Mermaid (Baylen at Gully Cat, Austin, TX)

22. Progression photos of my octopus inspired chest piece. Tattoos by Alex Vance at Slingin’ Ink in Grinnell, IA.

23. I know this doesn’t compare to most of the posts here, but it was my first piece out of many, I got it when I was 18 and it still holds a lot of meaning to me.

24. head mandala by Dillon Forte while guest spotting at Off the Map in MA

25. My first – Jimmy Memento – Sydney, Australia

26. Tiger head by Dave Tevenal – Columbus, OH

27. Russian killer wolf

28. My Sea horse

29. My first forearm piece.

30. Finished the outline yesterday. Where The Wild Things Are chest piece


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