Apr 24, 2014

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30 Best Tattoos of the Week – May 07th to May 14th, 2012

 1. A macro needle Shot

2. Got my girls this week! Angel Santana, Unholy Grail Tattoo in Worcester, MA.

3. Moon Phases

4. Medusa Side Piece

5. What’s the difference?

6. Second session on my half sleeve! 10 hours down more to come. Done by Radu Rusu of Art & soul, Plymouth UK.

7. my wife is gangster. tattoo by BOOG. guest spot at eternal crest tattoo, hirosaki japan.

8. I wanted a tattoo with a shattered hourglass. I also fucking love castles. I’m pleased with the result.

9. This was a triumph! My first ink! Done by Leo at the Artful Dodger in Seattle, WA.

10. Viking piece by Ashley Doherty, Vancouver, BC.

11. My third by Scott Santee at Memento Tattoo & Gallery, Columbus

12. My owl tattoo is finally finished!

13. kingdom of Holland lion for the win

14. Michelangelo – Buri at Infamous Studio, Stockholm

15. I see your girls, here are my guys.

16. Squid and octopus piece. Still adding color down the road. Work by Melissa Sensac of basement ink.


17. Suicide King I did for an up-coming appointment. 

18. La Dispute flower by Gre Hale of Rain City, Manchester UK. Done at Liverpool Tattoo Convention, my first one!

19. Chest piece by Jeremey Rendado. SD, CA

20. In honor of the legendary Maurice Sendak’s passing, my Where the Wild Things Are tattoo, Completed April 26th, True Image Tattoo, New Kensington, PA by Mike Kelly

21. First Tattoo- Done By Ian Preece at Low Tide Tattoo Art Gallery, in Downtown Melbourne, Florida.

22. Alice In Wonderland. Done at Doll Star Tattoo in Maysville, Ky

23. My tattoo of Mt. Rainier by John Cimperman

24. Sailor Cat – Stevie Scott/Wild At Heart/Brisbane, Australia.

25. As requested: green inked macro needle, poppy flower centers – Scott Spencer of The Inkery in Austin, TX

26. All seeing eye, Loki ink Plymouth

27. Three trips to milwaukee and 20+ hours in the chair. Done by Ania Jalosinska at studio 3062

28. Very stoked on how this turned out – done by Margaret from the Studio in Conover, NC

29. Advice on getting this Tattoo or one similar. Huge fan of Derek Hess and this piece of art.

30. Start of my Watership Down sleeve. By Jarek of Asgard in Southampton, UK.


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6 Responses to 30 Best Tattoos of the Week – May 07th to May 14th, 2012

  1. dailyfun says:

    great tattoos compilation! thanks for sharing.

  2. Gary S says:

    #29 in terms of line work is probably the best, never seen a tattoo like that Great work.

  3. HwoarangRules says:

    Wow. Some of the work done on those tats is terrible!! Im sure the ideas and original pictures were cool, but wow…bad tattoo artists!!

  4. thesetatoossuckdick says:

    #5 On the left – bailed pre-trial on the right – at trial

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