30 Best Tattoos of the Week – May 26th to June 02nd, 2012

1. Dad died last August he was my best friend, just got this yesterday. it was his actual hand print. work done by benja in ashland


2. Got this at Wild Monkey Tattoo in Hiroshima Japan, the artists name is Katsu, about 15 hours.

3. Sexy lil thing I got

4. Got tattoo’d by a disabled dwarf, and he was the MAN! (album)

5. No. 2 – done at Inka, Brighton

6. The start of my Space sleeve. Done by Ben at Motor City in Oshawa, ON. Second sitting next week.

7. My latest tattoo. I want to make it a full sleeve! Dot work made by Eric Stricker at Master tattoo, in Bs As, Argentina.

8. First tattoo, a dedication to my home and family. Done by Tyler at Aesthetic Ink in Atascadero, CA.

9. My three eyed cat done by Myra Brodsky, chorus tattoo, berlin

10. Covered up a lizard with a sea turtle. Client sat so well, her friend gave her a ribbon!

11. My beautiful Dr. Frank N Furter portrait! Done yesterday by Tyler T at Rose and Anchor Tattoo in Katy TX.

12. Got this on my forearm back in February. By Marc Cano at Slave to the Needle, Seattle WA.

13. Sugar Skull Tattoo, only couple of hours old done by Carol Corrigan, Pins N Needles, Dublin (work in progress)

14. Sugar Skull Tattoo, only couple of hours old done by Carol Corrigan, Pins N Needles, Dublin (work in progress)

15. Finally finished my sleeve! By Amy Shandick.

16. Keywork, inked by E.J. at Blue Flame in Raleigh NC 

17. Tree and ravens tattoo design needs a good home in the San Francisco area

18. Corgis Rule Everything Around Me – Dave Scearce of BST Tattoo in Charlotte, NC

19. My Mad Hatter – Bright Side Tattoo, Copenhagen

20. First sitting [better pictures]

21. The Gentleman Iguana backpiece by Ryan Spahr @ Black Thorn Gallery, Mechanicsburg, PA

22. First tattoo by CJ Fishburn – Cathedral Tattoo, SLC

23. My tattoo just finished healing up, then these white bumps showed up, anyone know what they are/what to do?

24. This guy is amazing, easily the best realistic tattoos I’ve ever seen. Dmitriy Samohin, Odessa, Ukraine.

25. My owl tattoo done by M-16 of Nephtys de l’étoile, Laval QC. Done in one 9 hour sitting at the Maritime tattoo festival.

26. Freshly Graven: 1st Tattoo, a forearm piece done by the mighty Rob Scott at 15th St. Tattoos, Edmond, OK.

27. Giant Squid tattoo done by Cody Creech in Austin. Phoenix tattoo done by Danny Zorilla in Houston.

28. Finally started back on my half chest piece after 3 years of waiting.

29. Japanese Half Sleeve done by Matt Hunt @ Modern Body Art, Birmingham UK

30. Almost real. Devin Cardosi – Bridgeport Tattoo Co. – Chicago, IL