30 Best Videos of the Day – January 02, 2015

Teacher squashes a fight before it gets messy

Celebrity Impersonation Intervention (Harrison Ford is unreal)


Doberman loses staring contest with a wolf.

New Years Eve finance report in Australia


I recently stopped bringing my guitar to my Mom’s home because she no longer recognizes me and doesn’t respond to it anymore. I wish I would have a played a lot more to her when she did. This was when she lived with my Dad and I at home.

Don’t you just love harmless pranks.

2014: The Year We Became More and More Confused About The World (Charlie Brooker’s Yearly Wipe Excerpt)

This is how we germans celebrate new year

If you’ve never been on 6th street in Austin, Texas… here is 9 second sample.

Nephew’s slick wedding dance moves

Baylor Kicker gets knocked the fk out

My favorite deleted scene from Cloverfield

Jennifer Aniston Gets a Surprise From Graham Norton’s Audience

A tradition in some European countries but not so famous in English speaking countries although it is in English. May I present, dinner for one.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Talking To Your Girlfriend *Turn on Annotations*

The most unbelievable video I have ever seen.

Stone Stacking better than anyone I’ve ever seen

Before and After Fitness Transformation – How they are faked

Some media say the Shanghai disaster was reckless stampeding or individual acts at the time. However, fluid-like motions which can’t be controlled by individuals inside creates crush points due to congestions, as this Love Parade video shows. Only planning can prevent such tight crowds to emerge.

Cute 2 year old baby girl battles her first fish, “Its BIG!”

For the last 2 years I have recorded 1 second of video every day. Here is 2014

#1 DAD

Judge Freaks Out in Court: “I Hope You Die in Prison!”

This is a WTF Cloud! – November 2014

‘I have no secrets’

Our mining company bought a drone. Here’s a cool blast video we did!

On January 23rd, Osaka’s Universal Studio’s Japan will be launching a series of Cool Japan attractions based on Attack on Titan,Evangelion, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. This is Attack on Titan 4D Trailer!

Ben Folds completely improvises a song with Contemporary Youth Orchestra live. Titled “Rock this Hall”

Wing Chun Grandmaster William Cheung setting the world record for speed punching in 1984. 8.3 punches per second.

Jason Mraz invites a surprisingly talented audience member on stage

Interesting video about the etymology and spread of the -stan suffix for countries and places (credit to /u/rootsandroutes )

How can I find long videos like this but of things like cities/traffic/parks/urban environments?

Apparently this is Fisthead


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