30 Best Videos of the Day – January 26, 2015

Chappelle called it!!

Eye-opening video on how the media only shows you want it wants you to see

NFL 2015 Bad Lip Reading

We’ve all been this little boy


My buddy’s dog can dive 12 feet under water. Is this even normal?

Way to go, Paul

The worst joke ever

Aussie Sniper

Robert Downey Jr & Zach Galifianakis have great chemistry

During a 1975 broadcast of Johnny Carson’s show, actress Shelley Winters stood up and dumped a glass of whiskey over the head of actor Oliver Reed, after Reed began disparaging the whole idea of women’s equality. (10 minute video, real excitement starts at 7:43)

Russian man busts out surprising roller blading skills

Guy plays One Winged Angel (Sephiroths theme) on the organ… during church service

Terry Crews is back in the latest Old Spice


Despite years of strong contenders, this remains my favorite video.

The best action scene of last year – John Wick

Dramatic attemped hijacking in Pretoria

Ice-T and his hardcore band Body Count’s take on Institutional by Suicidal Tendencies

1930’s women demonstrating “exercise” equipment

Everyone is talking about Conan visiting Taco Bell. Remember when Letterman worked the drive thru?

Man bulldozes his own home without telling his wife, “She wouldn’t answer the phone.”


Insane 1 man acapella of Uptown Funk! [L. Young]

If our sun was replaced with another star

Just, horrible.. Why do people do this?

Toronto Maple Leafs pre game on ice projection.

Dad tells his sons that he won the lottery

Old school Jackie Chan in unreal, Dragon Ball Z-level fight scene. This is what kung fu movies are all about.

Dashcam footage of freak storm blowing trees onto road. [0:43]

Gangster Hotline

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Trailer (New Netflix Comedy from Tina Fey)

Combat Juggling!

US Navy Sailors during a Submarine surfacing at 29 degrees

Ice Bucket Challenged

Incredible Bass Solo (Wojtek Pilichowski)

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