Amazing Magical Cities to Travel in Winters

Winter – not a reason to hide from her home, wrapped in a blanket and otpaivayas hot tea.Why not go to places that are truly magical only in the winter?

In our world there are many places that are good any time of year, but there are some that are particularly worth a visit in winter. These cozy and quiet places like bundled up in a fluffy blanket of winter fairy tale. In this issue we have collected the most charming and picturesque of the gelid and snowy cities around the world. Journey to a place guaranteed to take you into a winter wonderland.

1. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.

This is a perfectly preserved medieval town, which every winter turns into a kind of fairy tale.


2. Mount Buller, Australia.

This is one of the few places in Australia where it snows. This beautiful snowy mountain area is popular with cyclists, skiers, snowboarders and other tourists.


3. El Shalte, Argentina.


4. Surrounded by mountain trails El Shalte particularly popular with hikers in the summer.

In winter, the city empties, leaving their charms only to those who dare to come here in the cold.


5. Queenstown.

Queenstown is built around beautiful Lake Wakatipu with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, including the Walter Peak.


6. Naarden, the Netherlands.

Backgammon – a city built within a star fort, having fortified walls and a moat. Winter defensive moat that once defended the town freezes.


7. Bled, Slovenia.

Nestled in the scenic mountains of the town of Bled was founded in 1004 and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire found it so beautiful that he gave his Bishopric of Brixen. Bled Castle is located in the heart of the charming lake of the same name, which borders the city. Who lives in 5000, and it is famous for its beautiful spa.


8. Grise Fiord, Canada.

If you ever wanted to get away from civilization, this is the place. Grise Fiord – the northernmost settlement in Canada, winter reigns here 104 days of darkness in a row, and the nearest human settlement is more than 320 km. Yeah, the network is probably not catch …


9. Štramberk, Czech Republic.

Stramberk lies on the slopes of the fortified hill, dominated by the magnificent medieval tower that still dominates the town. Lovely wooden huts warm inhabitants cold winter months.


10. Shirakawa, Japan.

Shirakawa – is a small traditional village, known for incredibly steep roofs of their houses, which were built to withstand even the most heavy snowfall in the world.


11. Damüls, Austria.

In Damüls falls to 9 meters of snow each year, making it the most snow in Europe. No wonder this town just 300 inhabitants is so popular among winter sports enthusiasts.


12. Serfaus, Austria.

There is evidence that people inhabited this region in the Bronze Age – then it was used as pasture. Now it is used as a place for entertainment, and the city is a stop on the way to the famous ski resort “Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis.”


13. Marley, England.

Marla – sleeping parish on the River Thames. Although the city is just 48 miles from London, he seemed from another world – especially in the winter.


14. Vyborg, Russia.

Vyborg lies on the border between Russia and Finland and is surrounded by Saimaa Canal, which freezes in winter. From the castle tower can see the whole city in its snowy beauty.


15. Bamberg, Germany.

The magnificent city center of Bamberg is a place of world heritage, and founded it back in the year 902. This incredibly well-preserved medieval town and its cobbled streets are especially popular in the winter.


16. Hallstatt, Austria.


17. Siglufjörður, Iceland.


18. It is a small fishing town along a narrow fjord, surrounded by huge mountains.

Prior to the 1940s.reach this town was impossible (at least in the land), while not dug through the mountain tunnel.


19. Loket, Czech Republic.

Loket means “elbow”, and this city is so named because its center and castle surrounded on three sides by the turbulent river Ohře.


20. Funes, Italy.

Surrounded by the Italian Alps town Funes every winter enveloped layer crystal white snow.


21. Rhine, Norway.

Rhine – quiet fishing village on the beautiful island of polar Moskenesøya. The population of this port – only 329 people, but it is rightly called the most beautiful village in Norway, especially in the winter and it is clear why.


22. Calitri, Italy.

Calitri is built on the beautiful hills of Campania. The city is a maze of old houses and cobbled streets, which is even more interesting to explore the winter after a snowfall.


23. Zermatt, Switzerland.


24. Zermatt lies in a picturesque valley at an altitude of Mater 1520 m, in the shadow of the highest peaks in Switzerland.

At times, the roofs of houses at all difficult to see because of the snow.


25. Qaqortoq, Greenland.

People have lived here for about 4,300 years, the first time these lands inhabited by representatives of Saqqaq culture. The modern city is famous for its colorful houses, which contrast with the bright white snow.


26. Shishilyan, France.

Shishilyanom rises over a beautiful mountain Aiguille nearly 2100 m in height. Boasting amazing views of the French Predalpy.


27. Breckenridge, Colorado, USA.

It is a sleepy rural town in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Small huts that are especially beautiful ski town in winter. And if you climb to the peaks surrounding the city, you can enjoy plenty of stunning views of the city.


28. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland.

From the capital of Iceland, you need to hop on a plane to Greenland, which is sent once a week, and then take a helicopter and fly to paint this little town, which lies at the longest glacial river in the world.


29. Langwies, Switzerland.

This town with a population of several hundred people hanging dangerously on the edge of the vast valley of the same name. Happy visitors to the city can take the train and go to the valley, and then walk among the snow-capped mountain peaks.


30. Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic.

This Czech town is incredibly beautiful and the river Lusatian Neisse. It was founded in 1356 and became famous in the XVIII century for its production of the first in the history of jewelry.


31. Yamnik, Slovenia.

Yamnik located on the slopes of the plateau Elovikov. The local church is built on a hill with a breathtaking view of the Julian Alps.


32. San Marino, Italy.

San Marino – micro-republic area of ​​only 61 square kilometers, lies on the picturesque terraced hill of Monte Titano. His eponymous capital was founded in 301 AD mason Marin. Today, San Marino is one of the oldest surviving suverenitetnyh state and constitutional republic in the world.


33. Engelberg, Switzerland.


34. This is a resort town surrounded by the Alps on one side and the crystal-clear waters of the four lakes on the other.


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