30 Top Gif’s of the Day – January 09, 2015

Die human!



Oh food! Thank you human!

“Get out of my store.”

Cops creating a human shield to protect citizen from incoming fire.

Hip strengthening.

I’ve never seen so much terror on a cats face 🙁

White Deer Surprised By Its Own Antlers Shedding

Wiggle wiggle wiggle, extended version

This kindergarten kid rides a tiny motorcycle to school


the chuck DENIES deforestation

Hey come closer I have to tell you something!

Am too old for this shit

Timing is everything

The struggle is real

A friendly game of musical chairs…

Infinite Chocolate

Barbell Babes.

That’s how the fight began…

Those Dance Moves!

New year celebration gone wrong

This swimming transparent ribbon is the larval stage of an eel

Driving in School

Why I don’t sleep in the same room as my pet.


How to debug your computer

Barking wall


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