30 Top Videos of the Day – January 14, 2014

Who’s Nick Cannon?

Thirteen dogs and a cat have a holiday feast. This never gets old.

Amazon Prime Now – One Hour Delivery

Cat nurses abandoned pit bull puppy

Insane Pilot During Turbulence

The last living ink & painter from the original Looney Tunes died this week at age 97. Here she is explaining the creation of Bugs Bunny. R.I.P Martha Sigall.

Hey reddit, this year you changed our lives when you frontpaged a video of my buddy and I lip-syncing his mom and aunt’s conversations. Our holiday gift to you is the new episode, one day before it goes public.

Bar slide.

My 3 month old Shiba Inu spreading his paws

Meth & Hotdogs.


But Grandma has a..

Candy maker shows how he makes candy canes by hand. There is something really satisfying about watching melted sugar transform into something as familiar as a candy cane.

This is the skit that landed Stephen Colbert a gig on The Daily Show

Tony Hawk makes history and lands the first 900

Why do we eat spoiled food?

Kim Jong Un also wanted this video removed from the internet

Perv hides under subway seat in China and touches women’s legs

Freeway Rick Ross the infamous drug lord (Not the rapper) sits down for an interview with Jim Norton. One of the most interesting interviews/stories I’ve ever seen

Black holes merging, from the scientific advisors of Interstellar

The planet is fine… The people are fucked – George Carlin

Tase the Season

Metal shavings on high voltage cables.

Finally found a video that satirizes reality tv shows that pretend they’re real

What happens when you bring in girls to dance in front of students of an all boys school

The most inspiring story ever

Bear getting a heart attack

This video made me realise how much of a dick I sometimes am to my parents

Two Friends On A Great Adventure

Performance of a newly-discovered 10th century organum, University of Cambridge

Hold on while I make a trip to Toys R Us and begin to relive my childhood.

Cats vs. Christmas Trees


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