30 Best Videos of the Day – January 16, 2015

Some people seriously love their job (apologies for vertical video).

Every News Report Ever

Guy shoots rocket under the ice of frozen lake

Arguably the best skier in the world, CANDIDE THOVEX!

This is why you don’t lock your dog in the car…

Extremely Aussie Interview

Girl Sings The Fifth Element Opera – Plava Laguna

Interstellar Trailer Remake (made with only $20)

R/C Plane Crashes into the Sea. Underwater Scenes.

Photoplayer. The insanity begins at :25.

Price is Right announcer gets a little cocky on the treadmill

This is the best version of Africa I have ever heard.

Christian Mom Alarmed that School Bus Has Tail Lights forming Pagan Pentagram


The Frost bit guy from Ireland is back & blown away people saw his video in Japan

How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk | Will Stephen | TEDxNewYork

Thug Life: Judge Judy

Amazing what a dog can do. This service dog senses the veteran’s frustration and calms him down.

It’s now been a year, and I still really don’t understand why Doritos never responded to my Doritos Crash The Super Bowl entry…

Chris Hardwick Seeks to #FreeTheNipple on @midnight

Dog pushes the wheels for disabled beggar: Fu is an 86-year-old disabled man without legs. He has been begging for 6 years in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Despite the hard circumstances, Fu has found strong friendship in his loyal dog, which pushes him around on the wheels he uses to move.

It’s like watching a magician at work – the fastest maximum break in snooker history (5:20)

deadmau5 playing the Castlevania theme on synthesisers [2:27]

Boston car dealership parodies pizza guy abuse video

Motorcycle jumps an intersection on steep California hills

Handcuffed teen saves a cop’s life

Louis CK “So Old”

With the scumbag car dealership fresh in everyone’s mind, this seems as relevant as ever.

Dogs as Ballboys are Awwsome (feat. Venus Williams)

Girl Steals Tips from Pizza Shop

Lil Wayne Guitar Solo

Dear Reddit, I spent the last 6 months making this commercial for Dr Pepper called “Mop Dog”. As the owner of 3 adopted dogs, it’s one of my proudest accomplishments. I hope you enjoy it.

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