30 Best Videos of the Day – January 21, 2015

Slayer Exciter Circuit, is actually pretty exciting

Ever felt so fabulous you felt like sharing it with the world?

I’m a Stupid Cat!

Couple of Japanese guys try to avoid a green mushroom in Mario 64

The real ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle being interviewed on Conan in 2012.

Fallout vs Skyrim

How Small Is An Atom?

Guy farts on his dog

Bill Burr bit about American Chopper.

RENO 911! in real life

Extremely sleepy dog struggles to stay awake after a sleepless night.


Aah yuuka yuuuu!

Rare footage of a mysterious and fascinating creature called Redditorus Fedoracis

DeAndre Jordan distracted by Tupac

This is the best acceptance speech ever. He was all about love. What would happen if we were more like that?

Guy texts and walks at the same time, almost walks into a bear (0:32)

Fuck this kid, i can barley make chicken


A Roomba mod for the office

All she wanted to know if he was making tuna.

Table Tennis Thug

Warren Buffett – How to Turn $40 into $50 Billion

The time Top Gear nearly got shot in Alabama.

Microsoft Employee gets laid off

The tallest teenager in Europe is, of course, a basketball player

Jim Jeffries on South Africans.



I found the real origin of the sagging pants fashion trend.

I traveled through 13 countries in 4 continents high-fiving the camera, and this is the result.

Keepin it real at comic con

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