30 Best Videos of the Day – January 22, 2015

Super Mario World speed runner pulls off a glitch never done before on console, results in breaking the world record

Chris Pratt breaks a light switch during a Parks + Rec outtake

My sister, who is trying to get into the dance industry, took up a low-budget gig in a local music video. Unfortunately.

Muay Thai fighter delivers a vicious spinning K.O.


Legally blind man can see first time after 20 years with modern medicine.

Guy poops himself trying to be funny

It’s the Earth that’s moving

The United States of Space!

Old Kung fu flick with Wu-tang remix

I am a helicopter pilot. Sometimes I get to do cool things like chase off-road trucks from the air. I love my job.

Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms

Arnold Schwarzenegger gives the best reaction to a heckle ever.

British Airways First Class – Filth Class

A Stormtrooper missing home

Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V

Conan Teams up with Archer to Fight Russian Mobsters

Fire fighters extinguishing a car fire when things go wrong.

Big fat guy Roy Nelson’s MMA KO compilation.

Getting a gun in Canada

Jaboody Dubs Dump Cake Dub

QVC hosts don’t know what the Moon is.

TIL you can lift cracked/uneven concrete driveways with foam

Ultra hydrophobic material causes water droplets to bounce rather than splash.

Captain America Is A Dick

Too much acid

Freestyle rapper at the local markets. I told him I was trying to convince my Russian GF (Galina) to move to New Zealand…

Nirvana, as interpreted by Microsoft Songsmith software

Guns N’ Roses playing to a small, inattentive, chatty audience in 1985 when they were virtually unknown.

God damnit I love you America.

All you have to know about (Intel) processors.

The new Pop-Tarts commercial is…wow.


I’m a helicopter pilot and sometimes I get to chase deer with net guns.

What happens when you send three fashion bloggers to Cambodia to meet the workers that sew our clothes?

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