30 Best Videos of the Day – January 30, 2015

Inside a Camera at 10,000fps

Amazingly creative short film. “Time Trap” a great way to waste 7 minutes (and 45 seconds)

6 years later and this video still has an equal number of likes and dislikes

Guy plays I’m Yours on two Nokia phones

Golden Retriever can’t get enough of Australian Open tennis

How to lift a drunk friend (0:07)

Best mascot dance I have ever seen

Crying Rottweiler Grieves For Dead Brother. Animals Do Have Emotions

Drew Bree sees Saints fan during Conan, asks if he could throw a football to her. Doesn’t go as well as planned.

Snickers’ Superbowl Ad Starring Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady


How to save a choking baby in 40 seconds (starring David Mitchell and David Walliams)

Martin Short does hilarious Larry David impression

Haunting Guitar version of “Mad World”

1990s era Toonami – Space is the place

0-100 real fast

The Greatest Soldier of the 20th Century.

Tom Hardy gym scene from Warrior (2011)

A little update on that baby orangutan.

10-Year Old absolutely kills it while singing “House of the Rising Sun”

Bird commits suicide in abandoned insane asylum36:01

Lost voicemail of a mans wife who passed away 14 years ago was just found and played back to him. (Those damn lemons)

Public Defender Is Unlawfully Arrested

Incredible mime by David Armand! -Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Dr Dre was smoother as a 3 year old than I am today as a 34 year old.Misleading title?

Cute kid eats a raw onion like an apple

Ted 2 – Official Trailer

Guy on a mountain bike tries to base jump off a cliff…


Gunman arrested at Dutch news broadcaster NOS (


Teenagers from Norway go to Cambodia to work in the sweatshops where their clothes are made

Two-legged kitten destroys skyscrapers while chasing a laser

Fox weatherman runs into a glitch and doesn’t even flinch

Daughter Salutes Martyr Indian Colonel MN Rai With War Cry of His Regiment. Armymen Present At Funeral Join Her. Col killed in combat with militants in J&K

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