2nd Best Cities to Visit Around the World

In each Country there is №1 City A, the Largest and Most developed. There are flocking crowds of Tourists, every Self-respecting traveler considers it ITS Duty to See it. In each there is A Country City №2 (in Size and number ). Often it is the Capital and an Important port. The “Second” City no less (and Sometimes more) Glorious History and culture, not less (and Sometimes more) interesting sights. But They do not always Fall into the Bucket-list . We PROVE That These cities are worth A visit, as Long as you Live in the World.

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In Yokohama, Home to 3.7 million people. This is the Second City in Japan after Tokyo in number and area. In the XIX century Yokohama – the main port of the Rising sun. City and now has A strong Economic Base. So, That is WHERE the headquarters of the Company Nissan. In Yokohama is something to See, “Port of the Future”, “The Tower, A landmark” (Yokohama Landmark Tower – 296.3 meters), Big Ferris Wheel, Japan’s Largest and the World’s Chinatown , ramen museum and many other attractions.


In Cork (translated from the Irish – “Swamp”) is Home to 119,000 people. Not the Greatest City in the World, But the Second Largest in Ireland. Founded in the VI century, it has A lot of old Churches and buildings. Walking Along the main Boulevard of Cork (Outside St. Patrick) to admire the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Finbarr and sit in One of the local pubs, you know the Charm of this PLACE. After seeing the All City Attractions, you CAN go out of the city: there is a wonderful castles.


Palm in Stockholm and in Gothenburg , with ITS A half million people – the Second PLACE.Meanwhile, it is One of the Industrial Centers in Sweden, it is based headquarters of Volvo. This is One of the Most Picturesque cities in the Country. Gothenburg stands on the shore of the Strait of Kattegat, there are many parks. This is One of the Most culturally developed cities in Sweden. There has Arisen A melodic Death Metal and is Held annually in Scandinavia’s Largest Film Festival .


Many sincerely mistaken, That the Capital of Turkey – Istanbul. In FACT, this is the first population and the Flow of Tourists Town, But the administrative center of the Country –Ankara . It is Home to Nearly 5 million people, it is considered to be the Cultural Capital of Turkey. As proof: Museum of Ancient Anatolian Civilizations (Hittite Museum), Rahmi Koç Industrial Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Sculpture, War Museum, the Museum of Science and Technology, and Dozens of mosques, ruins of Roman baths and other objects of art.


Until the end of the XIII century Bergen WAS the Capital of Norway, and up to 30-ies XIX – the Largest Settlements of the Country. Who Lives in Bergen 278,000 people. It is A Major Industrial center of Norway. Pride of Bergen – Medieval Bryggen, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The City is Famous for ITS Street art and Fløibanen funicular. In addition, the Tour Will start from Bergen Fjord.


6.4 million people and A giant statue of Jesus – is Rio , friends. Second, after São Paulo (there are 12 million people Almost) City in Brazil, and the Third in South America and the 26th in the World. Rio – A City- Holiday. That is WHERE Because there is the Most Colorful carnival planet.It WAS there That the Famous Copacabana Beach. It WAS there That stands stadium “Marakana”, WHO saw tears Argentine FANS Last summer. And there Will be the following summer Olympic Games .


Rotterdam – Amsterdam. It Seems, is not it? But Amsterdam – №1 (813 Thousand people) and Rotterdam – №2 (618.000). But ITS Importance CAN not be Underestimated. After All, it is the Largest port in Europe, an Important Transport Hub. Rotterdam is Famous for ITS cubic houses, Euromast, Erasmus Bridge, Zoo “Blyaydorp”, Museums, and Numerous Nightclubs.


Kosice – A Small European Town, Home to 241,000 people. But he has A Glorious History. Kosice Laid in the XII century, and in the XIV century, first in Europe Got ITS own coat of Arms. Now is A Major Scientific and Educational center in Slovakia: there is Pavol Jozef Safarik University (Outstanding Scientist). Another Famous landmark Kosice – ST. Elizabeth tomb of Ferenc Rákóczi. Inside this temple is Unique with ITS Gothic Altar painting of the XV century, and next – fascinating Singing Fountain.


“Sea Capital”, “summer Capital” – in Busan are many honorary titles, But it is the Second Largest after Seoul (3.6 million people). Busan – A Typical Modern Metropolis with A dizzying Skyscrapers (Busan “Lotte Super Tower” Promises to be the Highest in the World) and the crazy malls (Busan “Sinsege Centum City” is Already the Largest in the World). Also, in Six magnificent beaches, the Most Famous of Which – Haeundae. HOWEVER, something to do in Busan Lovers will find not only the “seal”, but also leisure: in bars, restaurants and discos.


1.3 million people Live in Porto . But the City Still Forms A large agglomerates (Greater Porto), Whose population Reaches 1.7 million. The City is Often Referred to as the Capital of Northern Portugal. After All, Cultural and Economic value is not inferior to Lisbon. The main attraction of Porto – Clérigos tower height of 76 meters. The City stands on the Douro River and is Famous Bridges. Finally, Porto – Birthplace of the port.


Krakow – One of the Oldest cities not only in Poland But Also in Europe. Currently, it is Home About 760,000 people to. Number of architectural monuments of the City are not Counted on the Fingers of Both hands. Many of Them are protected by UNESCO . Most Notable, perhaps, is the Royal Castle, Kazimierz, Market Square. The Old Town is Surrounded by A ring of parks – the Famous Krakow Planty. Therefore, Krakow – One of Those places WHERE you want to go on Foot.


Quito – Ecuador’s Capital. Political, Economic and Cultural center of the Country. But the population is Second Guayaquil Live there 2.6 million people. In this Case, Quito is Considered One of the Most beautiful cities in South America. Its architecture – A Harmonious interweaving of Spanish, Dutch and Indian Traditions zodcheskih. Huge Hill City is DIVIDED into Three Parts: the old Town (Museums, monuments, etc.), the Southern area (Industry) and the Northern region (Banks, Institutions, Luxury Shops and housing) .


Milan – A City Which CAN Talk Long and Breathless. But in terms of population it is the Second (Guess WHO is in the first PLACE?) – 1.3 million. Milan – One of the Cultural Capitals of the World. There are two great Medieval Basilica – Ambrosian and Lavrentianskaya, as well as the Legendary La Scala Theatre. Milan Kept fresco by Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper.” Milan – One of the World’s Fashion Capitals. There are the main Offices of Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Armani and Other “Masters of Beauty.” Milan – One of the Sports Capital of the World. “Milan” and “International” – the giants of European Football. Also near Milan passes the Italian Grand Prix “Formula 1”.


Northern Palmyra, Northern Venice, the City of the White Nights, the Cultural Capital, the Most beautiful City in Russia (CAN Challenge in comments) – it’s All About HIM, St. Petersburg . The City on the Neva 221 museums, 80 theaters, 2,000 libraries, 45 art galleries and hundreds of Historic buildings. But it’s dry statistics, and Peter – is poetry. This is the heart of Classical and avant-garde culture of the Country , a place with a special atmosphere, where came a lot of artists, poets, writers … Palace Square, Vasilevsky Island, drawbridges – these should enjoy at least once in their lives.


Melbourne Sydney inferior number of Residents very little (4.3 and 4.7 million respectively). He is Considered One of the Most comfortable places to Live in the World. It is not Surprising, Because in Melbourne Focused Commercial, Industrial and Cultural Forces of Australia. is despite the modest by European standards History (from the Beginning of the XIX century), in Melbourne many Attractions: the Tower “Eureka” Ferris Wheel “Southern Star”, the Royal Exhibition Building, State Library of Victoria, and others. And Melbourne – the Birthplace of cool dance shuffle. Everyday I’m shuffling!


Abu Dhabi – the Capital of the United Arab Emirates. The City is Home to less than A million people (921.000), But ITS Contribution to the GDP of the Country for more than 56%. The City is Situated on the Persian Gulf, and ITS connected with Base A beautiful legend. Hunters chasing A Gazelle, an Animal Long Meandering through the desert, and in the end led the hunters to the source of fresh water. Founded in Hunters That PLACE and Called it the City of Abu Dhabi – the “Father of Gazelle.” Abu Dhabi Modern – A grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed, towers, Skyscrapers Al Bahar, the Leaning Tower Gate Capital and Other Impressive sights.


City of Cordova Founded July 6, 1573 Conquistador Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera. It is named in Honor of the eponymous Spanish Village. Now Cordoba – the Second Largest City of Argentina (1.3 million), as well as the Military-Industrial center of the Country . In the Historical Part of Cordoba Preserved Jesuit buildings, Which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Durban was founded in 1835. Now it is Home About 600,000 people to. It is the Largest port in South Africa, as well as the center of attraction beach Holiday (comfortable beaches, Warm sea). Attractions Durban – City Hall “City Hall, “Juma Mosque, National Museum of Natural History, Reptile Park” Fitzsimmons “and others.


Brno – the City with more than A Thousand years of History, no less beautiful than Prague, in Size But smaller. It is Home to only 378,000 people. “Total”, Because the Czech Capital – cities.In Brno, Numerous Historical and architectural monuments. For example, ST. Peter and Paul, the castle Spielberg, Town hall, Capuchin monastery and others.


The Second Largest City in Germany and the Eighth in the European Union. The population of Hamburg is more than 1.8 million people. In addition, it is One of the Largest port cities in Europe (and Richest). The City has Preserved Part of the Medieval buildings: City Hall, the Opera House, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and Other Attractions. Hamburg is Located more than 60 Museums. The Most interesting of Them – A museum of Erotica. And in Hamburg over A hundred parks and chic Zoo ” Hagenbeck “.


In Marseille, Home to 853.000 people (for comparison: in Paris – more than 2 million). This happy people! After Marseille – A beautiful City port on the Mediterranean coast. Taking A Walk Along the Boulevard La Kanber, you CAN admire the Graceful yachts and the sea Breathe Breeze. Lovers of History and architecture Will appreciate the abbey of Saint-Victor, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde, Longchamp Palace, Chateau d’If, the cathedral and Other Attractions.


Guadalajara , Which has A more poetic name “City of Roses” – A City Which is Home to 1.5 million people. It WAS Founded in 1542 and is the Cultural Capital of Mexico. It is Believed it WAS there That the people’s Mexican Mariachi music. The town has several monuments of Spanish colonial architecture (Church of San Francisco, Santa Monica and others), as well as held the Mexican rodeo – charriada.


Beijing – administrative, Political, Cultural and Educational center of China. While Shanghai – the Economic center. Perhaps this Explains why in Shanghai Lives of 3 million more. Population in Beijing – 21,148,000 people. No wonder That in such A large and ancient City ( history Beijing has more than 3 Thousand years) many Attractions. Some of the Most popular – the Forbidden City, or Palace, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, Yuanmingyuan Imperial Palace, Temple of Heaven.


It is a city in the Nile Delta, which extends 32 Kilometers Along the Mediterranean coast – the main seaport of Egypt. Alexandria WAS Founded in 331 BC. Once it WAS A rich and powerful City, inferior only to the greatness of Rome. Now Lives in Alexandria 4.5 million people. It is an Important Economic center in Egypt. And there is something to See (castle Kite Bay, Pompey’s Pillar, Catacombs of Kom-EL Shukafa and so on) and do (Numerous Sandy beaches).


In Delhi is Home to over 11 million people. It’s noisy, like an Anthill, and very Distinctive cosmopolitan City. It is Adjacent to the old trends of Modern Life. THUS, in the Old Town are many monuments, included in UNESCO World Heritage List . Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar Minaret, Red Fort – That certainly worth seeing. In addition, the old Delhi is Famous for ITS bazaars, the Most popular of Them – “Chandni Chowk”. New Delhi more Modern, there are Business Focused Entertainments Business Centers, supermarkets. But there are Historical Landmarks. Total in Delhi About 1,375 objects of culture and art.


This is the Second after the City of Brussels in Belgium. It is more than Home to half million people A (Tiny many by the standards of Europe). Antwerp One of the Biggest twenty ports in the World and is the Second Largest port in Europe (Behind only Rotterdam). Antwerp – A City of art. There are many Museums, galleries, art galleries, and more. Do not have to wonder: Antwerp – the Birthplace of Rubens, Brouwer Matsés Language, Brueghel and Other Painters.Antwerp – A City-Jewel. And not only in architecture and rich A Variety of Entertainment, But Also That it is the World’s Largest diamond cutting center.


Los Angeles – the Largest City in California (About 4 million people) and the Second Largest in the United States. This is A Fairly young City, it has no venerable Landmarks. In the center, there are Several buildings of the early Twentieth century, Built in the art deco style. But this is despite, LA – City-Fairy tale, A City dream. It’s the Birthplace of Hollywood. There you CAN meet the STARS of scale and World to Become A superstar.


City №2 in Denmark – Aarhus , in the east of the Jutland Peninsula, on the Shores of the Gulf.Is the Country’s main port. In the City of Aarhus is Home to About 300 thousand people, but at the agglomerations typed more than a million. The Major Attractions of Aarhus – Cathedral (the Largest in Denmark) XIII-XV Centuries, the Town hall, University. All in the old Part of Aarhus more than fifty Historic sites.


Over buildings in Tel Aviv Architects of the German Bauhaus School: Were houses two- or Three-Story, Concrete, and the Streets Were drawn Strictly Perpendicular to the coast. These Homes For UNESCO Tel Aviv has in the list of Cultural Property Under the name of “White City”.Tel Aviv – Israel’s Cultural center. There are Several Dozens of Concert Halls and theater, many Museums and galleries. In terms of population it is the Second Largest in the Country – 414,600 people.


In Geneva, home to 194,000 people, 44% of Them – foreigners. This is not Surprising. After All, Geneva has Been Repeatedly Recognized as the Best City for Life (Including in 2014). Geneva – an Important Political and Economic center of Europe (and the World). There the headquarters of Dozens of international Organizations: the UN, the Red Cross, WTO, WHO and others. In this Case, Geneva is an incredibly beautiful Also with many City Attractions. Why are only the Basilica of Notre Cathedral of St. -Dame Peter, Geneva Fountain and others.


Hanoi (“City Between the Rivers”) WAS Founded in 1010. Now it is the Capital of Vietnam. It is Home to 2.6 million people – the Second Largest City in the Country. This is A huge Metropolis.From the Historical sights – Presidential Palace, Hanoi Citadel, the Temple of Literature and others. Hanoi – Inexpensive City with A Special atmosphere, Which Combines the Traditions of East and West. From the Maze of Narrow Streets of the Old Quarter you CAN go to the hundred-meter Skyscrapers. They are more than a hundred in Hanoi.


It is the Largest City in the Province of Quebec and the Second Largest population in Canada.More than 1.6 million people enjoy Their City, Because he is One of the Most comfortable in the World. UNESCO considers Montreal City design, and the Monocle Magazine – the Cultural Capital of Canada. The City hosts many Cultural forums: World Cinema Festival, Jazz Festival, A Festival of music and Other Francophone. Montreal – A City for walking and Contemplation.Local and visitors love to Walk on Bernard Avenue, and on weekends to have a picnic in the park Lafontaine.


Medellin Won many epithets. “City of Eternal Spring” – Medellin is Located in the Equatorial zone, But Typical for Humid Equatorial Fug it is Virtually absent – in A very comfortable climate. “The Capital of the mountains” – Medellin is Located in the North of the Andes in the Valley Aburra. “City of Flowers” and “Orchid Capital” – in Medellin is an Annual Fair popular colors. Medellin is Also Called the “beautiful Village”, But in the “Village” Live 2.5 million people.


Manila – the Capital of the Philippines. One of the 16 cities That form the Metropolitan region of the Country – Metro-Manila. This is the Second after Quezon City by population. The population is 1.7 million. But the area of Manila just 38.55 Square Kilometers, so it is the Most populous City in the World (hence the Big Problems with the Environment). Manila – A Relatively young City, But there is A Historic district – Intramuros. It is Believed That Laid the Foundation he of Modern and Manila that is where the most beautiful palaces, temples and museums.


In Arequipa is Home to 861,000 people – it is the Second Largest City of Peru Residents, But not on the Cultural Significance. In 1868 Arequipa was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake, but in the city center yet miraculously survived a few buildings in the neo -Gothic and Baroque. The Historical Part of the City, Built in the Colonial Times of white volcanic Stone, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Arequipa is Also Famous for ITS eating places and is Considered the Capital of Peruvian cuisine.


Rabat – beautiful ancient City. Who is the Capital of Morocco, ITS Industrial and Cultural center. It is Home to 1.7 million people About. Attractions CAN be Distinguished Royal Palace, the mausoleum of Mohammed V, Hassan Tower, Kasbah Udaya. Also in Rabat many ethnic museums: the Museum of crafts, museum of antiquity, Folk Art Museum and others.


Another Capital in the “Second” World cities (population 400,000 About) – Wellington . It is Located in the Southern Part of the North Island of New Zealand, on the Shores of the bay of volcanic Origin. This is A very Cozy City with many parks, Bridges, tunnels, parks, viaducts.Historical buildings late XIX – early XX century combined with Modern. One of the Most interesting buildings in Wellington – “Beehive”. So the townspeople Called the local Parliament for ITS Peculiar form. ST. Paul , a botanical garden, a zoo – in Wellington, of course, is something to see and do.


Barcelona – A fantastic City. The Capital of Catalonia is the Second by the number of Inhabitants of Settlements in Spain and the Tenth in the European Union: More than 1.6 million people by themselves Consider of Barcelona. The City is Situated on the Mediterranean coast (it is an Important port) and has A mild climate. It WAS in Barcelona is Spain’s Most Famous Street – Las Ramblas, stretching to the Old Port. Between Las Ramblas and Laietana is another Iconic landmark – the Gothic Quarter. And there, in the Square of St. Jaume, – the World Famous Barcelona Cathedral. And this is just the Tip of the Iceberg. Barcelona – A City in Which it is impossible not to Fall in love. This is One of the Most beautiful cities not only in Spain But also in the world.


Mombasa is Located on A Coral Island in the Indian Ocean and connected to the Mainland by Several DAMS. This City once again Proves the Importance of the port for the Country.Mombasa – Kenya’s main sea harbor, ITS Economic and Cultural center. The City is Home to over 1.2 million people. Mombasa is Famous for ITS coastal scenery and Tidy beaches. Here the development of Various types of water Recreation: Skiing and water jet Skiing, Windsurfing, diving.


This is the Second City after Caracas Venezuela: more than 1.4 million Inhabitants. Stands on the shore of the strait That Connects the Gulf of Venezuela and Lake Maracaibo (the Largest Lake in South America). The City WAS Founded in 1529 by German colonists. in the XVII century WAS Repeatedly Attacked by pirates. In the Twentieth century in Maracaibo found oil – the City Began to Actively Develop. Of the Historical sites – Cathedrals, palaces and monuments of the Colonial era. Also, in A lot of Shops with Traditional Venezuelan souvenirs: rum, chocolate, clay dolls.

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