Apr 16, 2014

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45+ Funny Pictures Taken While You Were in Deep Sleep

Sleeping is a naturally recurring state of relatively suspended sensory and motor activity, characterized by total or partial unconsciousness and the inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles.

[ad300] It is distinguished from quiet wakefulness by a decreased ability to react to stimuli, and it is more easily reversible than hibernation or coma. via Wikipedia

Apart from the normal definition, today I am presenting some very cute and funny pictures of babies, few animals and grown-ups while sleeping.

Like any extreme activity, it requires the nerves of steel, good choice of timing, location and the absence of suspicious cops. All this however is easier to achieve, because you are, well… asleep, so you can trust the unseen powers to take care of the rest.

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7 Responses to 45+ Funny Pictures Taken While You Were in Deep Sleep

  1. Kissie says:

    My granddaughter is going to be so upset with someone for giving me these ideas!

    Love, love, love it!

    Too cute.
    .-= Kissie´s last blog ..Crusty Elbows =-.

  2. Ali Hussain says:

    Awesome post. Really liked the images.
    .-= Ali Hussain´s last blog ..The Two Main Types of Sales Jobs =-.

  3. WoW a Sandwich Kid
    .-= Mad Geek @beingPC´s last blog ..Hide Taskbar Source Code =-.

  4. Awwww, I loved the cute kids’ pics…Nice post!
    .-= shiningtweety´s last blog ..Susan Boyle to sing for the Pope =-.

  5. Anista says:

    veriiiiiiiiii funniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. SeamusMcBreakdancin says:

    So…I think the guy on the toilet is me. Looks just like me, even down to the knee on the top leg. Funny thing is, I don’t remember this party, but I thank the people who were nice enough to put the pillows under my head.

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