5 Amazing Stories of Lost and Found Art Works

Works of art are often lost. Sometimes they steal from museums or private collections, and sometimes about the individual works of the great masters do not know even the best art world – they are found randomly almost in attics or basements. Today we tell 5 amazing stories about lost, but then again found works of art from the most famous authors.

Unknown sculpture by Michelangelo

It often happens that the famous master a long time kept in private collections or in the vaults of the big museums, but no one guesses about their real significance. As an example, recent history, which resulted in the discovery of two new sculptures by famous Italian artist Michelangelo Buonarroti.


Two sculptures from the private collection of the British depicting men saddled panthers are known for a long time, at least since the nineteenth century. Even then, some experts have suggested that these works of art owned by the hand of Michelangelo, but no one seriously this version is not considered.


But in early 2015 a group of experts came to the paradoxical conclusion – the author of these sculptures is indeed Michelangelo. The main argument for this was the discovery of pictures of one of the disciples of the great Italian masters. It is believed that this author has copied the outline of his teacher, among which were the images of men on the Panthers.


The expert panel examining these sketches and real sculptures, found an exact match to the anatomical proportions between them, but because these works were officially recognized works of Michelangelo.

Abduction of the Mona Lisa

Perhaps “La Gioconda” would not be considered now the most famous painting in the world, if not the story of her abduction, which began August 21, 1911. Loss of famous works of art from the Louvre lifted to his feet, not only the whole of Paris and the whole of France, but the whole world. Police in search of the “Mona Lisa” even closed the country’s borders to the picture did not manage to smuggle in another state. As suspected of committing this heinous crime considered, including the poet Guillaume Apollinaire and Pablo Picasso.


The buzz about the missing works of Leonardo began and in the press. Journalists around the world have turned this criminal history to the main event of the year, printing almost every day a new article about the situation. This information hysteria and made “Mona Lisa” modern “Mona Lisa” – the main painting in the world.


However, the police did not manage to find the thief in hot pursuit. But the December 13, 1913 the owner of the gallery “Uffizi” in Florence anonymous caller, who introduced the name Leonardo. The man said that he had stolen painting, and proposed a “Mona Lisa” for examination. Police quickly arrested a suspect, they turned out to be an Italian Vincenzo Perugia, who worked at the Louvre specialist mirrors.It is believed that he stole the painting to bring her back to his homeland, Italy.


The return of stolen Nazi paintings

The Second World War has become a huge disaster not only for mankind, but also for art in particular. A huge number of works have been either destroyed during the fighting, as, for example, when the bombing of Dresden, either missing, being requisitioned by the soldiers of different armies.


Some of these stolen works of art can sometimes be found in private collections or museum stores around the world. And in 2012 there was a real miracle – the world got back nearly fifteen hundred lost during the Second World War paintings from the most famous authors.


This amazing collection was discovered by chance in fact in 2011. German police took test cases Cornelius Gurlitt, son of the famous art dealer. Penetrated with a warrant to search the house suspected of tax evasion, the old man, law enforcement officers found a huge number of works of art disappeared during the reign of the Nazis in Germany.

Staatsanwaltschaft Augsburg zu spektakulärem Kunstfund

These paintings were removed from museums and private collections as works of “degenerate” art or were expropriated from the Jews persecuted by the authorities. Among the paintings were found work, including Picasso, Matisse and Chagall. The total cost of the findings was evaluated in more than one billion euros.

Unknown novel by Agatha Christie

History shows that the censorship may be subject not only to the works of authors living in authoritarian or totalitarian countries, but even the most eminent artists work in a relatively free countries. As an example, the novel “The Taming of Cerberus” great Agatha Christie, who had lain forgotten for nearly seventy years.


This product of a series about detectives Hercule Poirot (not to be confused with the same story from the book “The Labours of Hercules”) Agatha Christie wrote back in the mid-thirties. As one of the characters in this novel serves a dictator named August Gerttslyayn, an obvious reference to Adolf Hitler. However, the publisher, to cooperate with Christie, refused in 1939 to print this work, not wishing to be bound to the policy. As a result, the author of the manuscript thrown himself into the attic, eventually forgetting about it.


New life of the novel “The Taming of Cerberus” began almost seventy years later, when his manuscript discovered by John Curran, a renowned expert on the works of Agatha Christie. In 2005 he was invited to make out of paper in the attic of the house died almost thirty years before this writer, and after a while he found fragments of previously unknown manuscript.


It took almost three years Curran to collect all the parts of the novel and restore it completely intact. As a result, “The Taming of Cerberus” came out in 2009, exactly seventy years after writing.

Unknown painting by Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists and cash in the history of painting, and each picture is worth tens of millions of dollars. That is why the discovery of new works by this author can become a sensation in the art world. The last time this event occurred in 2013, the painting “Sunset at Montmajour” discovered the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.


The picture was painted in 1888 in Arles during a very prolific period in the life of the famous French artist. In 1908 it was bought by Norwegian industrialist Christian Nicolas Mastad, listening to the advice of his friend, the art historian. But the new owner quickly lost interest in buying, after visited at his home, French Ambassador to doubt the authenticity of this work of art. In the early 20th century, there were a great number of fake paintings allegedly belonging written by renowned authors, but because Mastad took to heart these doubts and put “Sunset at Montmajour” in the attic. The descendants of Christian Nicolas Mastada twice tried to establish whether the script this picture. They applied to various experts, including in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, it was in 1991. Then the world’s best experts on the artist refused to confirm the authorship of the French master. Several years ago, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam bought “Sunset at Montmajour” to try again to establish the authorship of the work. After spending painstaking work on the colors in the picture, and compared them with paints on an easel Van Gogh period of his life in Arles, the experts came to the paradoxical conclusion that the work – the real thing. This was the first case since 1928, when the art world has found a new, previously unknown painting by Van Gogh.


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