5 of the oldest people in the world, caught three centuries

People have always been interested in the secrets of longevity, because there must be reasons why some people live to their hundredth birthday. However, these five women is not just the oldest people on earth, they were able to catch during the life of three centuries.

Susannah Mushatt Jones, 115 years, the United States (b. July 6, 1899)


Susannah Mushatt Jones 115 years.


Dolgozhitelnitsa from the US.

These stunning woman caught in his life such significant events in history as the First and Second World Wars, the invention of the aircraft and television and even a futuristic things to the 19th century, as the Internet. Perhaps these five ladies speak thus coveted secret to help others and to live longer. When asked what helped them to live so long, their answer, alas, was obvious and did not include any magical elixirs. You need to get enough sleep, stay active, exercise every day and regularly eat the food, which was used to since childhood – that’s the whole secret.

The oldest man in the world: Misao Okawa, 116 years, Japan (b. March 5, 1898)


Cake for 116 years.


The oldest person in the world.

Gertrude Weaver, 116 years, the United States (b. July 4, 1898)

Oldest Living American

The second oldest person in the world

Emma Morano, 115 years, Italy (b. November 29, 1899)


The oldest man in Europe

Dzheralin Tully, 115 years, the United States (b. May 23, 1899)


115 years – a venerable age for women.

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