5 Terrifying Runways Around the World

5 Terrifying Runways Around the World

Around the world there are some fearsome runways on which you cannot stand a chance, if their is a mistake you are surely gonna see the heaven, so lets check which runways are most terrifying around the world.

Paro Airport, Bhutan

Tucked into a tightly cropped valley and surrounded by 16,000-foot-high Himalayan peaks, Bhutan’s only airport is forbidding to fly into. It requires specially trained pilots to maneuver and land through a channel of tree-covered hillsides.

Reagan National Airport, Washington, D.C.

Located smack in the center of two overlapping air-exclusion zones, Reagan National requires pilots flying the so-called River Visual into the airport to follow the Potomac while steering clear of sensitive sites such as the Pentagon and CIA headquarters. On taking off, pilots need to climb quickly and execute a steep left bank to avoid flying over the White House.

Matekane Air Strip, Lesotho

The 1,312-foot-long runway is perched at the edge of a couloir at 7,550 feet. You drop down the face of a 2,000-foot cliff until you start flying. Says bush pilot Tom Claytor, “The rule in the mountains is that it is better to take off downwind and downhill than into wind and uphill, because in Lesotho, the hills will usually out-climb you.”

Toncontin Airport, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Having negotiated the rough-hewn mountainous terrain, pilots must execute a dramatic 45-degree, last-minute bank to the left just minutes prior to touching down in a bowl-shaped valley on a runway just 6,112 feet in length. The airport, at an altitude of 3,294 feet, can accommodate aircraft no larger than Boeing 757’s.

Barra Airport, Barra, Scotland

The airport on the tiny Outer Hebridean Island of Barra is actually a wide shallow bay onto which scheduled planes land with the roughness of landings determined by how the tide went out.

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