7 Famous Graves

Present to you a short tour of the most famous monuments of the dead genius.

1. Tomb of Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde’s grave at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris competes in popularity with the grave of Jim Morrison. But kissing on the monument to the great poet more. Monument by sculptor Jacob Epstein, caused a lot of controversy. At the time of the monument’s genitals because public outcry closed fig leaf, but then chipped his opponents of censorship, however, together with the genitals themselves. Now all the passions calmed, the monument was repaired, and now he is one of the collection points of fighters with homophobia.

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 2. Tomb of John Keats

‘English’ Cemetery in Rome is famous for the tomb of the poet John Keats. Romantic genius works died of tuberculosis before his talent received by public recognition. At the request of Keats, his name was not engraved on his tombstone.

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3. Tomb Plath
Grave reason poets increasingly sacred than the graves of writers. And Sylvia Plath’s grave in the cemetery of Heptonstolle in Yorkshire has also become a battleground. Many times fans poetess tombstones knocked her husband’s name, whom they blamed for the suicide of Sylvia.



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4. Tomb Bette Davis
At the grave of Oscar-winning actress twice Bette Davis in California flaunts her own epitaph to himself: “She walked this difficult path.”



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5. Tomb of Isaac Newton
Monument to Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey in London, perhaps one of the most famous in the world. Epitaph on his tombstone reads: “Nature and Nature’s laws were covered with darkness, and God said,” Let Newton be, let there be light. ‘”

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6. Tomb Emilin Wetmore
Name Emilin Wetmore said nothing to anyone, and it’s clear she was not a celebrity. She was the wife of the sculptor William Wetmore, who created her such a monument, which is now one of the most copied images in the world. “Angel of Sorrow”, which stands on a Roman cemetery, became a symbol of love and grief for the world.

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7. Tomb of William Shakespeare
At the grave of William Shakespeare bears the inscription, cursed anyone who dares to disturb his ashes. Nobody never dared to incur the curse of the great poet, but the scientists were able to get out of the situation. Shakespeare’s grave scanned and found out that there is nothing. No body, no grave, no treasure, no manuscripts …

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