7 James Bond Gadgets That Have become Real

In a series of films about James Bond spy character exists Kew, who regularly delivers 007 most fantastic device, developed in his laboratory. Years go by, and many of the devices, which seemed at the time of old movies, almost magic, it is now quite well there. Today we tell about 7 became real to our time James Bond gadgets .

Underwater Vehicles

In the 1977 film “The Spy Who Loved Me”, James Bond goes to chase a car that can not only ride on the roads, but also swim under water. As a basis for this vehicle was taken serial car Lotus Esprit, specially upgraded for filming.


But in 2008 appeared on sale and real serial underwater vehicle – Rinspeed Squba. He is able to dive to a depth of 10 meters and slowly swim there, allowing passengers to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.


True, Rinspeed Squba – it’s a convertible. So swim under water in it can only be using scuba gear to breathe.

The car is running a mobile phone

The film of the “James Bond” with the title “Tomorrow Never Dies” came out in 1997, when millions of the world’s population already use mobile phones. However, the functionality of these devices is minimized. And because the car looked absolutely fantastic BMW 750iL, which, thanks to the genius Kew, can be controlled using the “cell”.


Time passed, and now these technologies can be found in the real world. As an example, a miniature car Ropits Hitachi , which, indeed, can be controlled by a smartphone. This vehicle is able to travel in the off-line – it is necessary to specify on the screen of your phone endpoint, and the car will take you there in the integrity and security.


In other embodiments, modern vehicles using a smartphone you can lock and open the central locking and control some functions of the car, including the radio and air conditioning.

Flying Car

Unusual car with unprecedented at the time of film 007 functionality possessed not only James Bond himself, but also his opponents, such as Scaramanga killer from the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Departing from prosecution British superspy, his opponent attaches to your car wings and flies away.


It is now quite there cars that can move not only on earth but also the heavens. In doing so, it does not even need to manually attach the wings – they are nominated at the moment when the driver decided to make their vehicle off.


One of the most popular modern flying cars is AeroMobil . It is the brainchild of Slovak engineers can achieve in the air speed of 200 kilometers per hour and fly on one full tank of up to 700 km.



Jetpack – is very common in science fiction and movies about superheroes vehicle. Taking advantage of this, departing from the balcony, and the James Bond played by Sean Connery in the film “Thunderball.”


In recent years, jetpacks, indeed, moved from the “fiction” in the “real vehicles.” However, while that of the wide use of such devices are not talking. The most famous and promising model of modern jetpack device is Martin Jetpack, which soon will go on sale at the price of a wide 117,000 US dollars. It is expected that the commercial model of the jetpack will be able to climb to an altitude of 2.5 km and fly at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour.


Robot Dog

James Bond himself did not use gadgets as a robot dog on the radio. He just watched the film “Licence to Kill” at how brilliant inventor Kew played with a prototype of such a device, which invented to collect sensitive information. Decades have passed, and now such developments are available almost every family with a child.


After all, there are many similar toys – robots in the form of a dog that can make a funny action, for example, tumble, bringing bone, paw, and even apply more or less autonomously exist, performing some peculiar features live dogs. As an example, we present available in almost any children’s toy store called Teksta.


Watch with laser

One of the most memorable audience gadgets James Bond franchise in the history of steel watches, which are able to produce a powerful laser beam that can cut even metal. This creation Kew appeared in the film “Never Say Never” in 1983.


In the fall of 2014 the German inventor Patrick Priebe presented the public with a real embodiment of a wristwatch. Of course, metal, embedded therein, a laser can cut. But it is easy to cope with balloons, a thin sheet of plastic, tape and matches.


Patrick Priebe known throughout the world that likes to play technology from movies. In addition to laser hours of James Bond, he even created a functional claws of Wolverine, Iron Man glove and a web of Spider-Man.

Personal Submarine

In the movie “Diamonds Are Forever” appears on the screen miniature submarine. In 1971, when there was this film full swing Cold War. People looking at the vehicle, only smiled, appreciating the high sense of humor writers. After all, everyone knows that there are a huge submarine combat submarines plying the expanses of the ocean in order to protect the superpowers.


In our time, the horrors of the Cold War gave way to the desire of rich people live in luxury, having previously unimaginable opportunities. In particular, began to appear and personal submarines , designed for a stroll below sea level one or two people.As an example, a miniature submarine U-Boat Worx. The cheapest model of the underwater vehicle is worth 75 thousand dollars, the most expensive – about a million. She is able to dive to a depth of several hundred meters to a kilometer and move it up to two hours. This opens up new possibilities for the study of the underwater world as private entities and individuals, as well as research centers.


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