7 Modern Vehicles that can be hidden in a Backpack

Times of great cars with great engine, which burns a lot of fuel, passed. Now in vogue compact and economical means of transport, some of which can generally carry a backpack. Today we tell about the 7 most memorable miniature vehicles .

Impossible – compact elektroscooter weighing 5 kilograms

Impossible – it is an ideal personal vehicle for residents of large cities. This electric scooter allows you to combine different types of private and public transport in one day. In contrast to the bicycle or other mopeds, Impossible can be stored in the subway, bus or tram, without fear of stumbling to repel reproaches supervisors and passengers.


The fact that elektroskuter Impossible easily fits in a normal backpack. It can be folded and expanded in a few seconds. And it weighs vehicle only 5 pounds. But despite its small size, Impossible can carry people weighing up to 85 kg.


Impossible has a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which allows you to pass on one fully charged battery is about 25 km. In this scooter can accelerate to a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.


Compact elektroskuter Trikelet

Trikelet – is another compact elektroskuter for travel within the big city, when a person needs during the day repeatedly to change from one type to the other public transport and walking.


Trikelet gets rid of walking long distances, it easily will take the owner to the nearest subway station or bus stop, after which the owner of the scooter can quickly lay down their personal vehicle and take it with you to the salon.


After folded Trikelet so compact that can fit on the luggage rack in the wagon train or backpack owner. However, this elektroskuter weighs much more than the above-mentioned Impossible, – twelve pounds.


Scooter in a suitcase from a Chinese inventor

Chinese farmer He Liangcai, as a hobby engaged in the engineering business, created a compact electric scooter , which even a backpack to carry is not necessary, because the vehicle is itself a suitcase.


This elektroskuter is an integral part of the bag for travel. It can be used to get around the city and for trips inside large buildings – shopping centers, terminals and other major airports spacious buildings. But this case can still be used for its intended purpose – there is enough space for storage and transportation of clothing and other personal items.


Suitcase scooter without things inside weighs 7 pounds. He can pass up to 50 km, while developing speed of up to 20 kilometers per hour. This is an excellent vehicle for people who travel a lot and therefore infinitely tired to move around on foot with a suitcase in his hand or on his shoulders.


Gig Pack – a backpack that turns into a scooter

Gig Pack – this is probably the world’s most famous example of the integration of the bag and the vehicle, but we never tire of talking about it. It is an ordinary backpack for travel, which incorporates a scooter.


This is valuable and Gig Pack. After all, this vehicle is much faster average speed of movement of tourists, but it does not depend on the level of battery charge – a person can drive exactly as much as he has enough physical strength.


Backpack Scooter-Gig Pack can withstand a person weighing up to 90 kilograms. It has a secure compartment for a laptop, and the wheels on the vehicle are made of durable rubber, which greatly increases its permeability.


Onewheel – Unicycle electric skateboard

Onewheel – this unusual electric vehicle, which gives a person the feeling of a real flight. Unlike other skateboarding, it has not two or four wheels, but only one.


But the electric motor and intelligent balancing system allows a person to Onewheel literally float in space, not looking up from the feet of the board. He did not need to push off while driving foot of asphalt – the board itself carries it forward, you just choose the direction of movement, and to do so on Onewheel as intuitively simple as the popular elektroskuter Segway.


Onewheel can move at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, passing on one fully charged battery up to 10 km. Speed ​​charging – 20 minutes (80 percent capacity) to two hours (full charge).


Solowheel – compact scooter with one wheel

Solowheel – this is another one-wheeled electric vehicle. But, unlike the above-mentioned Onewheel, it is not an analogue skaytborda, but the scooter. However, on a moped in Solowheel left except the wheel, and then one.


But this wheel Solowheel built everything a person needs to travel around the city. This two platforms for the feet, and the electric motor and the battery, and intelligent control system. Keep the balance on the Solowheel as easily as on the Segway. However, this scooter has a much smaller scale and cost.


Unicycle electric moped Solowheel is 43 centimeters in diameter and 13 cm in width. It weighs only 9 pounds, and for easy carrying from place to place this vehicle has built on top of a comfortable handle.


Solowheel can travel on one battery charge up to 19 kilometers. Its battery can be fully recharged in just forty-five minutes. The cost of this vehicle starts from US $ 1495.

Boosted Boards – skateboard for the lazy

Boosted Boards – it’s a skateboard that looks like a real skateboard. But unlike its original predecessor, the vehicle is not necessarily set in motion at the expense of human legs, because Boosted Boards has a built-in electric motor.


Due to the motor board Boosted Boards can go on their own, not only on a horizontal surface, but even a slight upslope. This is a great vehicle not only for lazy skateboarders, but also for those whose professional activity is associated with constant traveling around the city, for example, couriers, postmen or pizza delivery.


Boosted Boards can be dispersed by the force of the electric motor to a speed of 30 kilometers per hour and pass on a single charge up to 10 km. But after a full battery discharge board Boosted Boards may continue to the old-fashioned drive the force due to the person’s legs on it.


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