7 Unbelievable Wedding Destinations

This is really atmospheric photos, because they are made against the background of the amazing natural phenomena and landscapes. Just look at how it’s exciting. And these photos do not even need a special staging idea. The very nature – and the idea and inspiration, and the panorama, and furnishings.

Photos by – Colleen Niska

Tornadoes in Saskatchewan, Canada

When this pair of predicted bad weather, first, young people were thinking to abandon the celebration.But the photographer advised to use the situation for the benefit of himself same. This adventure was so inspiring, so tickled nerves! Besides went heavy downpour.



We are just at the right time in the right place,” – said the groom. And it should be noted that the photo really get very steep! It is hardly possible to replicate specifically.


Glaciers of Alaska

Adventurous photographer Josh Maritnes and a couple of crazy lovers flew by helicopter to the glacier to make stunning beauty photo. They even made their way across the icy water on the knee, ruining the wedding dress in snow hummocks. But the idea of ​​the exact cost!




African safari

Web artist Corey Perkins met his future wife in Zimbabwe. And to the time of their meeting was a milestone, wedding, young people played in the African wasteland. They married formally in the United States, in Pennsylvania, and then, a year later, finally went to the home of the bride, where got married a second time and made this wonderful photo session.





Fire in Oregon

This marvelous and atmospheric photo shoot turned out quite by accident. Josh Newton suggested that young to ride to where the skyline is visible band of raging fire. Yes, of course, the fire – that’s no reason to have fun, but if he still is already there, why not take advantage of the situation? Hartley and Michael Volber believe that it was an unforgettable experience and a strange feeling of fear and delight at the same time. Very emotional background appropriate for a wedding.




Mountains of New Zealand

This country is so rich and incredible beauty and power of the wild landscapes (remember the saga of Hobbits at least). So Belinda Campbell and ordered a helicopter to the photographer Ronald find a suitable place for a wild secluded photo shoot. It turned out very powerful and impressive, it should be noted.








Kenya, in the valley of the lion pride

Jonas Peterson, wedding photographer, took pictures of couples who married in Kenya, visiting friends. The bride and groom have lived here for two years, near the habitat of the local lion pride, creating a book and fototchet. Of course, the locals, the tribe Maasai Mara, invited them to stay a traditional wedding procession and singing. It was amazingly authentic and fresh, I suppose. Certainly not boring!


Waterfalls Alaska

Alaska again, but glacial waterfalls with incredibly beautiful turquoise glow. These pictures are made near the Mendenhall Glacier, near Juneau. To get to the place, the group floated on kayaks that are difficult way through the slush, and then rose to the side of the mountain. Surreal pictures certainly left wonderful memories of the wedding.








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