A Dream, Harley-Davidson

In Cyprus, here are some memories of bikers club when we drove the motorcycle befor the army, of course Harley Davidson and the easiest “Minsk”, then “JAWA”, “CZ”.check out some photos….


Harley-Davidson (1)2. Two friends William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson thought to make a bike with an engine in 1903. project was completed with the help of his brother Arthur, Walter Davidson. Harley-Davidson (2)  3.Harley-Davidson (3)  4. Following this, a new project was launched with a more powerful engine and more modern design, going in the yard of the family Davidson, in a shed 3 to 5 meters, of course most of the major components were made in the workshop of the train depot, where he worked as toolmaker’s older brother William A. Davidson .

Harley-Davidson (4)  5.Harley-Davidson (5)  6.Harley-Davidson (6)  7. It Was completed in September 8, 1904, and on the same day participated in motorcycle races at State Fair Park. Edward Hildebrand, racer, the race was the fourth. This race was the first documented appearance of Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson (7)  8.Harley-Davidson (8)  9.  In 1905 three bikes were sold from the dozen that have been collected in the barn.

Harley-Davidson (9)  10.Harley-Davidson (10)  11. In 1906 the first factory was built in the first year were collected 50 motorcycles, in 1907. – 150 motorcycles, the contract was made, and people started to buy Harleys for the local police, so the company has taken a good position in the market.

Harley-Davidson (11)  12.Harley-Davidson (12)  13.Harley-Davidson (13)  14. Production of motorcycles increased from 450 units in 1908 to 1149 in 1909.

Harley-Davidson (14)

  15.Harley-Davidson (15)  16.Harley-Davidson (16) 17. V1913 was an old factory building was demolished and on its place a new five-story  concrete factory reinforced, and in the 1914 Harley-Davidson became the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the United States. In 1914 the production was – 16 284 cars.

Harley-Davidson (17)  18.Harley-Davidson (18)  19.Harley-Davidson (19)  20. After the First World War, 500 bikes have been ordered for the British Army – it was the first military order. In 1917, the United States entered in the First World War and it was the beginning of motorcycles. During the war, more than 20,000 motorcycles was ordered , of “Harley-Davidson” to arm the troops.

Harley-Davidson (20)  21.Harley-Davidson (21)  22.Harley-Davidson (22) 23. In 1920, the “Harley Davidson” is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, selling motorcycles to dealers in 67 countries. Production was 28,189 machines already. In 1921 the race was won, going the distance with an average speed of 160 km / h

Harley-Davidson (23)  24Harley-Davidson (24) 25. The company manufactures many products with the logo of Harley-Davidson – clothes, shoes, furniture and crockery. Feature of the marketing policy of Harley – creating a community of people loyal to the brand.

Harley-Davidson (25)  26.Harley-Davidson (26)  27.Harley-Davidson (27) 28. Bikers club

Harley-Davidson (28)

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