A Lovely Orphan Rescue

Newborn dolphin female with more umbilical cord was found on the beach close to Montevideo (Uruguay).Rescued a little dolphin baby took it to the education public organization «SOS Rescate Fauna Marina».
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Reproduction of this kind of poorly studied. Mating occurs from December to February, childbirth from September to December.Pregnancy lasts about 9-10.5 months. Only cub miniature in about 75 dyne cm and weighing 8.7 kg. Lactation lasts until August-September next year. Sexual maturity in 2-3 years. Female bears one offspring every two years. Lifespan la Plata dolphins in nature, presumably 18-20 years.


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La Plata dolphins – representatives of the group of river dolphins. The smallest of the river dolphins (adult body length of about 1.25-1.75 m, weight 20-60 kg) and least specialized: live in the rivers and in the sea (South America).

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Pictured chapter «SOS Rescate Fauna Marina» Richard TEROS feeds from a bottle rescued a female La Plata dolphin.

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