A Pet Lion????

The mother of actress Melanie Griffith – Tippi actress and model known for her long Khedr love for big predatory cats. Back in the early 70’s she created a special reserve “Shambhala” to have grown up in captivity, big cats. Located just 30 miles from the bustling Los Angeles, She reserve a home for more than seven dozen predators – tigers, lions, cougars, servals and other big cats.
At various times she lived in the house of lions and tigers. The photographs of this release, made in the early ’70s photographer magazine Life, you’ll see one of Tippy pet – an adult lion named Togar.

1.  Noel Marshall – Agent Acrisius Tippy Khedr (best known for his role in the film Hitchhoka “The Birds”) and her husband from 1964 to 1982 years.

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2. Noel became the producer of three films with Tippi,  among which one is “Roar” (Roar), which was released in 1981.

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3. Noel not only produced the picture, but also acted as writer, producer, and played a major role in the father of the family.

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4. Melanie Griffith, Tippi’s daughter, played in the movie the main character’s daughter, who was also named Melanie. Also appeared in the film  and Sons of Noel are Jim and Jerry.

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5. In the story of the picture, which is a thriller, a family living on a ranch surrounded by his pets – two elephants and hundreds more predatory cats, one is in an awkward position to put it mildly – to them claimed two poacher villain whose appearance leads to that pets out of control. Family have sought refuge in the house, hiding from the onslaught of angry predators.

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6. Filming, which lasted more than 10 years, were treated in a considerable amount for those years – 17 million dollars.

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7. Unfortunately, the film is not paid for itself – came out in theaters in 1981, he received a total of 2 million box office.

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9. At the authoritative English-language Recordings Internet Movie Database Rotten to hire “Roar” was named “the most expensive in the history of home video.”

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10. At the same resource, the film has a fairly low audience rating – 5.8.

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11. Despite all this intimacy and human predators, as shown in the film, can not leave the viewer indifferent.

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12. Based on his experience shooting pictures “Roar” Tippy Khedr wrote the book “Cats of Shambala,” which was published in 1985.

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13. The actress describes the film as “perhaps one of the most dangerous in the history of Hollywood. It is amazing that we survived.”

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14. During filming, the actress, her husband and their children were attacked more than one predators, and most of all suffered major director of the film – Jan De Bont.

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15. The well-known defender of nature, Tippi Khedr is also creator of the reserve, “Shambala” for predatory cats raised in captivity. It is located in the vast area of ​​10 acres, north of Los Angeles and is contained in the fund “Roar”, founded by an actress in 1983. The main objective of the fund – raising awareness of the public about wildlife in our world.

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16. To date, the “Shambhala” live such predators as African lions, Siberian and Bengal tigers, leopards, servals, mountain lions, bobcats, and a Florida panther and a ligr – a cross between a lion and a tiger.

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17. Most of the animals at Shambala born in captivity, were purchased in circuses and zoos, are orphans or animals,  who abandoned by their former owners, who were not able to care for their carnivorous pets.

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18. For example, Shambala became the new home for two Bengal tigers Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Sabu, after he decided to close the zoo at Neverland Ranch Valley in Los Olivos, California.

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