A Playboy Model To Old Age Became a Street Beggar

60-year-old Krista McKenna, the former Playboy model and participant of various shows on TV, now desperately trying to earn a living, speaking on the streets of the American city of Grand Rapids. Her amazing flexibility of the body, which in the 70s brought her fame and money, now brings a few dollars a day.
1. Desperate woman showing reporters photographs of times when she was young and beautiful.

2. Krista was once a world-famous, and often invited her on TV.

3. Due to the flexibility of the body even called her “Lady Spider.”


5. According to the woman suffering from scoliosis and stenosis, the most successful days she earns $ 7 per day.


7. “I just do not know how I got to this state,” – said Krista.


I can only give blessings to her so that she at-least get normal living life.



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