Here where Movies get Inspirational for Alien Looks???

Huge, almost alien eyes, wings, iridescent, and pollen, gold covering all body – such appeared bee on a completely stunning images USGS. Small insects that cause many feelings of fear or apprehension, photographed against a black background and in bright light, allowing truly appreciate the incredible beauty of the little creatures.




Researcher geosluzhby Sam Drog (Sam Droege) created these images by programming the camera with marco lens to shoot a series of shots with different focus. He then joined together in Photoshop some pictures as possible to create incredibly clear images. In turn, the colors and shades have not changed, and what the viewer sees on the photos, is the natural color of insects.



In the photos you can see the different bees – in total there are about 21 thousand species, but not all of them understood. The smallest species of bees as small as 2 mm, very large – about 4 cm. There is even a special science that studies the bees – Melittology . To learn that there are – different types behave completely differently. These insects can be organized into larger communities, together providing themselves with food, water and protection from enemies. Can be removed and nuns live alone. And may even brazenly steal their food from other animals and to enclose their eggs in the nests of others.




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