Amazing : 12 Irking Things, one of the most beloved website for online shopping has a great reputation for good things but some minds are always notorious and for those nutty nuts has a list of disturbing things. These things are so weird that most of the people hate to see them. So here are 10 of them watch and say yakkkk and if you also love to annoy others then enjoy it.

1) Party Pooper Fake Human Poop –

This world is so mad that some are paying $14.99 for this artificial shit.

Party Pooper Fake Human Poop2) One-Pound Fat Replica  –

A beneficial thing to motivate others about body fat.

One-Pound Fat Replica3) Crazy Cat Lady –

This soap smells like cat body and if you are a cat lover then you can rub it on your whole body and enjoy the stinking smell.

Crazy Cat Lady4) Dirty Mug –

This $14.99 mug has a dirty lipstick mark and coffee stains so that no one else dares to touch it.

Dirty Mug5) Blood Bath Shower Gel –

It costs $8.99 and is a damn disgusting shower gel ever made.

Blood Bath Shower Gel6) Cherry-Filled Bleeding Gumball Eye –

These ugly eye balls are filled with red cherry paste and taste great. You have to pay only $7.63 for this.

Cherry-Filled Bleeding Gumball Eye7) Toilet Mug –

I think if you gift it to someone then it remains new forever as no one tries to drink coffee or tea in it ever.

 Toilet Mug8) Bloody Brain Meat –

A perfect vegetarian meal for the cannibals! Its weird, yak.

Bloody Brain Meat9) Cockroach Wall Decal –

This $42.99 giant cockroach can bring heart attack to many of your visitors.

Cockroach Wall Decal10) Bloody Hands Shower Curtain –

What if any policeman will see your shower curtain? You are under investigation Mr. XYZ.

Bloody Hands Shower Curtain11) Halloween Toy –

Any toy is not as scary and weird like this one. Your baby starts crying instead of enjoying his new toy.

12) Jack O’ Lantern Candle Holder – 

Can you buy this ugly candle holder? If yes then you are definitely a freak.

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