Amazing and Beautiful Gardens from Around the Earth

Garden is place allotted for showcasing plants and other things which are part of the nature might also include animals. It is not possible for people to always go to a forest or stop on the roadside to admire a plant or if they feel like spending some time with nature, therefore they have come up with the idea of allocating some space surrounding their abodes to place some trees or plants which they can pamper and take care of, this allotted space is named garden. Garden earlier was only made out of natural materials with some pebbles as fence and few seeds or plants were placed according to an individual’s choice. We’ve made a list 16 amazing and beautiful  garden around the world. Check it out i hope you enjoy a lot and think to visit these gardens..

1.The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is at Portrack House, near Dumfries in South West Scotland. It is a private garden created by Charles Jencks.

The garden is inspired by science and mathematics, with sculptures and landscaping on these themes, such as Black Holes and Fractals. The garden is not abundant with plants, but sets mathematical formulae and scientific phenomenae in a setting which elegantly combines natural features and artificial symmetry and curves. It is probably unique among gardens, and contrasts nicely with the historical and philosophical themes of the less spectacular but equally thoughtful Little Sparta.

The garden is private but usually opens on one day each year through Scotland’s Gardens Scheme and raises money for Maggie’s Centres, a cancer care charity named for Maggie Keswick Jencks, the late wife of Charles Jencks.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

2. Exbury Gardens

Exbury Gardens is a famous garden in Hampshire, England, which belongs to a branch of the Rothschild family. It is situated in the village of Exbury, just to the east of Beaulieu across the river from Bucklers Hard. It is well signposted from Beaulieu and from the A326 Southampton to Fawley road in the New Forest.

Exbury is a 200-acre (81 ha) informal woodland garden with very large collections of rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias, and is often considered the finest garden of its type in the United Kingdom.

Exbury Gardens

3. Keukenh of Gardens

Keukenh of, also known as the Garden of Europe, is situated near Lisse, Netherlands, and is the world’s largest flower garden. According to the official website for the Keukenhof Park, approximately 7,000,000 (seven million) flower bulbs are planted annually in the park, which covers an area of 32 hectares.

Keukenhof is located in South Holland in the small town of Lisse, south of Haarlem and southwest of Amsterdam. It is accessible by bus from the train stations of Haarlem, Leiden and Schiphol. It is located in an area called the “Dune and Bulb Region” .

Keukenhof is open annually from the last week in March to mid-May. The best time to view the tulips is around mid-April, depending on the weather.

Keukenh of Gardens

4. Suan Nong Nooch Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is a 500-acre (2.0 km2) botanical garden and tourist attraction at kilometer 163 on Sukhumvit Road in Chonburi Province, Thailand. Its also a major scientific center dedicated to cycads, with its own Cycad Gene Bank.

Suan Nong Nooch Garden

 5. Boboli Gardens

The Boboli Gardens are a park in Florence, Italy, that is home to a collection of sculptures dating from the 16th through the 18th centuries, with some Roman antiquities.

Boboli Gardens

6. Versailles Gardens

The Gardens of Versailles occupy part of what was once the Domaine royal de Versailles, the royal demesne of the château of Versailles. Situated to the west of the palace, the gardens cover some 800 hectares of land, much of which is landscaped in the classic French Garden style perfected here by André Le Nôtre. Beyond the surrounding belt of woodland, the gardens are bordered by the urban areas of Versailles to the east and Le Chesnay to the north-east, by the National Arboretum de Chèvreloup to the north, the Versailles plain (a protected wildlife preserve) to the west, and by the Satory Forest to the south.

Gardens of Versailles

7. Jardim Botânico de Curitiba

The Jardim Botânico de Curitiba, in Portuguese, or the Botanical Garden of Curitiba, in English, is also known as the “Jardim Botânico Fanchette Rischbieter”. This is a park located in the city of Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná, and the biggest city in southern Brazil. It is the major tourist attraction of the city, and it houses part of the campus of the Federal University of Paraná. The international identification code is CURIT.

Opened in 1991, Curitiba’s trademark botanical garden was created in the style of French gardens. Once the portal of entry, may be seen extensive gardens in the French style in the midst of fountains, waterfalls and lakes, and the main greenhouse of 458 square meters, which shelters in its interior, copies plants characteristic of tropical regions.  This occupies 240.000 m² in area. The principal greenhouse, in an art nouveau style with a modern metallic structure, resembles the mid-19th century Crystal Palace in London. The Botanic Museum, which provides a national reference collection of native flora, attracts researchers from all over the world. It includes many botanic species from the moist Atlantic Forests of eastern Brazil.

Curitiba Botanic Garden

 8. Mirabell Garden in Salzburg

The Mirabell Palace  is a historical building in Salzburg, Salzburgerland, Austria. It was built in the Baroque style, with Italian and French models, by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich Raitenau in 1606. In its geometrically-arranged gardens are mythology-themed statues dating from 1730 and four groups of sculpture  by the Italian sculptor Ottavio Mosto, from 1690. It is noted for its boxwood layouts.

Several scenes from The Sound of Music were recorded here. Maria and the children sing ‘Do-Re-Mi’ while dancing around the horse fountain and using the steps as a musical scale. The Palace of Mirabell is also a popular location for weddings.

Mirabell Garden in Salzburg

9. Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens is a group of floral display gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada, located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. The gardens receive more than a million visitors each year. The gardens have been designated a National Historic Site of Canada due to their international renown.

Butchart Gardens

10.Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden , located in the center of the Old City next to the Chenghuangmiao area in Shanghai, China, is considered one of the most lavish and finest Chinese gardens in the region. The garden is accessible from the nearby Yuyuan Garden Station on the Shanghai Metro line 10.

Yuyuan Garden

11. Shalimar Garden

The Shalimar Gardens  sometimes written Shalamar Gardens, is a Persian garden and it was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in Lahore, modern day Pakistan. Construction began in 1641 CE (1051 AH) and was completed the following year. The project management was carried out under the superintendence of Khalilullah Khan, a noble of Shah Jahan’s court, in cooperation with Ali Mardan Khan and Mulla Alaul Maulk Tuni. The Shalimar Gardens are located near Baghbanpura along the Grand Trunk Road some 5 kilometers northeast of the main Lahore city. There are five geographical sources of inspiration for Shalimar Gardens: Central Asia, Kashmir, West Punjab, Persia, and the Delhi Sultanate. They are not to be confused with the Shalimar Gardens (Jammu and Kashmir).

Shalimar Garden

12. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is an 11 acre (45,000 m²) park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. It is located near the Walker Art Center, which operates it in coordination with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. It is one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the country, with 40 permanent art installations and several other temporary pieces that are moved in and out periodically.

The park is also in proximity to Loring Park and the Basilica of Saint Mary. It was once connected to Loring Park, but the construction of Interstate 94 in the 1960s split the area into two parts.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

13. Abraham Lincoln Memorial Gardens

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden is a self-governing 100-acre (0.4 km²) woodland and prairie garden owned by the city of Springfield, Illinois and managed by the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden Foundation. The gardens are made up of two major units, the 63-acre (25 ha) Jensen section bordering Lake Springfield, and the newer 29-acre (12 ha) Ostermeier Prairie Center section. There are also 19 acres (7.7 ha) of additional buffer properties. As of April 2006, the Garden is maintained by a full-time staff of 4 men and women, supplemented by more than 150 volunteers and docents.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Gardens

14. Rikugien Gardens

Rikugien Garden  is a Tokyo metropolitan park in Bunkyō-ku. The name Rikugi comes from the idea of the six elements in waka poetry. The park consists of a small pond, trees, and a hill. The traditional Japanese garden within the park is a tourist attraction.

Rikugien Gardens

15.Claude Monet Gardens

Giverny  is a commune in the Eure department in north-western France. It is best known as the location of Claude Monet’s garden and home.

Giverny sits on the “right bank” of the River Seine where the river Epte meets the Seine. The village lies 80 km (50 mi) from Paris, west and slightly north, in the old province of Normandy.

Claude Monet Gardens

 17. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch is the name of a famous botanical garden nestled at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town. The garden is one of eight National Botanical Gardens covering five of South Africa’s six different biomes. When Kirstenbosch, the most famous of the gardens, was founded in 1913 to preserve the country’s unique flora, it was the first botanical garden in the world with this ethos. Furthermore, what makes the Gardens so famous worldwide is that  only indigenous plants are cultivated.

Kirstenbosch regularly exhibits Zimbabwean stone sculptures in the gardens. Many of the artists are associated with Chapungu Sculpture Park in Zimbabwe. In summer, a popular series of outdoor concerts are held in the gardens on Sunday evenings.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

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