20 Amazing Color Schemes for Bathroom Interiors

Bathroom can become a rather complicated problem because of its design are expensive, but because often repair the wires will not work. Choosing the right color scheme can help create the interior, which will be nice heart and eye for many years. We offer an overview of the amazing examples of bathroom design.

Cream and white


Usually the bathroom do not bright, choosing inconspicuous color. Adherents of neutral colors suit white and cream.

Cherry and White


Bright red tiles, funny towels can transform a white bathroom, which will now look beautiful and elegant.

Amaranth and white


Amaranth is very popular. This is an average between pink and red tone that looks and not too feminine, but it can not be called a male.

Mint and white


Fresh and unusual. Mint and white – nice color pair, which is perfect for small bathrooms. As an accent can add some silver fixtures.

Pale blue and white


The traditional color scheme does not lose its popularity. It is perfect for the bathroom, especially if you can let the sunshine into the room.

Blue and white


The very nature of love amazing combination of white and blue, let alone get a luxurious bathroom.

Dark blue and white


Dark blue color is brilliant, in different light it shimmers green, blue, gray and even black tones that only emphasize the beauty of the white elements.

Black and white


The classic combination that works with any style and any subject, not only on their own, but in combination with other colors. The most traditional version – the floor, lined with black-and-white tiles.

Blue-gray and white


One way to make a gray-blue bathroom – is to enter a contrasting shades. Since the blue and orange perfectly match, it is safe to enter the copper elements, such as copper mirror frame.

Gray and white


Modern colors help create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom.

Lavender and White


Stylish bathroom design is obtained thanks to the amazing combination of lavender and white. There is a warm feeling of retro style.

Pink and white


Pink bathroom – it is fashionable, white can only towels, bathroom fixtures and decor.

Chocolate and cream


Rich chocolate color can even fill a small bathroom comfort and luxury. Original solution may be brown carpet with geometric pattern on the floor.

Turquoise, pink and gold


The choice of a specific color scheme did not say that you need to use all the colors in equal proportions.Sometimes it is better to select one of them and give him a slight preference.

Brown, green and white


Green, white, brown – colors that continuously occur in nature, not only together but also in combination with others.

Brick and green


Traditional village house looks warm and cozy thanks to the natural tones.

Red, white and black


No doubt like the color combination looks stylish and modern. White harmonious shades black and red highlights black luxury decorative elements.

Pink, white and black


Pink, who is considered mostly girly, combined with black looks poryasayusche.

Black and lighting


Black walls, floor and ceiling create a strangely intimate atmosphere.

Black and gray


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